Monday, February 22, 2010

"Dayak" or "Link of London"

Perhaps, kalimantan - one of the biggest island in Indonesia - is one of uniquee ethnics can be found. In line with the cultural movement. Local government set some regulation to protect the uniquee tradition and culture that can be found around Indonesia. We can say that this situation is urgently required to. Without protecting them, Indonesia will be an empty box and nothing will be found inside.

"Dayak" is the most famous ethnic can be found in Kalimantan. Most of people believe that kalimantan came from the ancient culture which is now rare and goes away by easy stages. What makes people impressed is what they wear in their ear. As far as I can see that Girls – in dayak – will not be called “ Pretty” without earing the earrings which is impossible for most of people around the world to wear it. The earrings is so big that makes their ear long and even longer than before because it is made of a metal and weighs about a half kilograms. When they have to take one more when the age increases. However, the leader of dayak says that the most beautiful girl is a girl which has a long ear.

Dragon is used in chinese very often. When there is a big party, dragon becomes a symbol of power and the ruler. Dayak is one of the best ethnics in indonesia which uses dragon term in their tradition. The girl who wears the big earrings describes that they want to be a dragon and obey the dragon’s rule or obligation. Therefore, all of the dayaks wear it and it is a must. They can not simply avoid from the regulation which has already been setting for years untill now.
To express the beauty, specially, for a girl or a women, nowadays, they should not do the tradition. Logically, when the tradition gives a harmful thing or result or effect or to destruct our body or organ, the tradition, automatically, gets wrong. However, that is the way dayak express and distinguishes themselves from other ethnics in Indonesia and around the world. Earrings, as though, has become attributes that girls or women should wear. The earrings not only beautifies themselves but also becomes a spesific indicator that they are not men. Please do not tell me if there are many men wear earrings on their ears. You can say that this tradition is a ‘modern’ trend. Whatever it can be, the suitable or the proper human who wear the earrings are only women or girls.

My neighbour said to me about three years ago. He said that he got difficulties to find the best earrings for his teenagers. And three of ten collaegous complaints so. Then I recommend them to visit Link of London to find the most incredible earrings. They can find what style or type they want. All are available and serve the better quality that I ever found in other places. As you know that earring wrong earrings will creates bad result. On the other hand, when we buy earrings without considering the quality, it will alter our performance and hurt the beauty of someone who wears it. I am quite sure that you do not want it to happen in your life or your daily activity, right?. Wearing earrings or other attributes as well as accessories for many women is urgent. Because earrings is one of the women’s symbol, the existance will impact how they act and how they shoul deal with something or someone in their own life.

Accessory, sometimes, bothers women’s performance who can not choose the proper one. Sometimes, they need a guide or an artist to guide them to find the proper accessories to wear. But most of the expert says that what women should wear depends on the situation or the purpose they need to. For examples, Claudia has made an appointment with a handsome man she knew in front of her campus and he asked her to attend the prestigious party one day. What she has to do for the first time is to consider what kinds of party will be held. Is that a wedding party? or reunion?. The guide should determine the best earrings or charms or accessories to wear. When the girl wears a wrong attributes, automatically, it will destroy her performance and all people’s trust around her. How poor it could be, right?

Because of the urgency, let me please inform you the best place to find the proper attribute (earrings/charms or accessories for all women around the world), namely, in Link of london. Link of london is a famous accessories to change the poor or bad girl becomes a prestigious girl and makes her self-confident and step to the party.

What makes link of london different of other places? Link of london provides the proper or the suitbale earrings or charms or accessories for all situation and conditions. When you wear the link of london’s product, you should not consider in what situation it must be worn. Just wear it! All people around you will say that you wear a proper and nice attributes. Remember that dayak is one of the biggest and the most uniquee ethnics in Indonesia which succeeds to express their own beauty by using a ‘different’ attributes. Whatever and whoever they are, they must be appreciated to exist and becomes a beautiful Indonesia’s property. For all women who wants to find the best charms or earrings or accessories, let me recommend you to make link of london as your privacy and something you have to write on your notebook. Congratulation!

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