Friday, December 31, 2010

Interfaith Leaders Remove the Sun 2010 in Bali

The interfaith leaders and the traditional village this afternoon after Denpasar at 17.00 local time around will gather to hold a joint prayer welcoming the new year at the event packaged in off the sun 2010.

"Every routine before the turn of the year we held a meeting and prayer meeting together with all religious leaders and traditional village as a form of togetherness," said Chairman of MUI Denpasar H Musthofa Al Amin, on Friday (31/12/2010).

Activities that will be attended Wai Rai City IB Mantra, it is not only intended to tighten the brotherhood but also to show that inter-religious life in Denpasar, walk in harmony and mutual respect for liberty in the spirit of pluralism.

The activity was centered in front of the Roundabout Sculpture Chess Front, Denpasar, it, all religious figures representing each of which will attend the MUI, the Association of Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI), Inter-Church Conference Services (Catholic and Christian), Walubi, representatives of Confucius Chu and Village Council Pekraman (MDP).

It is said Musthofa, interfaith leaders wanted to show people that they should be able to live side by side that differences in beliefs, not hinder the activities of social interaction and work together shoulder to shoulder to realize the ideals of society that is safe, peaceful and in an atmosphere of compassion.

As for activities MUI Denpasar, welcomed the new year, has circulated an appeal letter to the mosque and musala that contains the hope that Muslims can make the year 2010 as a means of reflection upon the various problems that have happened to this nation.

"On the various calamities that occur, is expected to Muslims can take the wisdom to do better this year in various areas of life," he hoped.

No less important, how Muslims can increase social awareness and strengthening the spirit of brotherhood, inter-religious love each other.

He also requested that Muslims do not dissolve in the excessive excitement susana including actions that endanger the safety of others during new year celebrations such as lighting firecrackers, racing-kebutan on the highway or take any action that violates the ethical and religious norms.

Sweet Memories of the Nation Rich

The Indonesian nation is a great nation. With a long history of winding like a guarantee that this nation will become the king of kings that will stand on top of world civilization.

Looking at the history of Indonesia, we will be getting carried away long and heroic struggle. How did the freedom fighters struggled to sweaty energy independence from the hands of the invaders.

Even after independence had been won, Indonesia soon emerged as one of the strengths asia. In segani both by opponents and friends. At that time, as the newly established country, Indonesia is able to prove ourselves that this country exists, and to be reckoned with in the international arena.

As a newly established country, Indonesia also is a friendly nation. Nations that puts solidarity. Look at the time Indonesia had gained independence, and was at times brilliant in the early establishment of a State, Indonesia has also not forget trying to get other nations on this earth also feel the beauty of freedom and independence. Asian-African Conference was in fact evidence.

In fact, long ago if you had taken the time to Indonesia. In Indonesia you'll find people who have a sense of familial solidarity and high. In many remote areas, we will have no trouble finding people to work together in a spirit of mutual cooperation. From the tip down to the corners of Sabang Merauke, though separated by sea and land. But the spirit of friendliness and kinship remain. Terikatkan in a container called Indonesia. Unity in Diversity, although distinct differences remain one also.

I'm proud of this nation's history. A history full of perseverance and humility that is reflected in the friendliness of every citizen. Friendliness is the main attraction for other nations to continue to respect this nation.

But now some years have passed, a sense of togetherness that has even gone up to almost reach the nadir point. Now we will no longer find the tolerances are so good even though we have combed all corners of villages in Indonesia. This little thing could be big. Now we will not be hard to find a brawl in the corner corner of the country. Just to compete eyes could be the riots that took a lot of casualties. Look at the riots after the riots that recently occurred. Both are covered by mass media or not.

Corruption and various other bad thing is rampant in Indonesia. Poverty hit, unemployment is rampant. Beggars waiting at every red light intersection. Now people who never became king dul was like a month monthly other nations.

Once again I admit I was proud of the history of this nation. But when will we be proud of the achievement of achievement of the Indonesian nation in the modern.

The Mysterious Black Hole

UNTIL now, the black hole (black hole) is still considered the only astronomhk most mysterious objects because they can not be observed directly through even the most sophisticated optical telescopes. Therefore, all materials, including light, will be sucked in and could not be separated from the surface.

Black holes are believed to be born when the great mass stars (10-15 solar masses) through the end of life as a powerful exploding stars (supernovae). Black hole called the death of a star a star black holes (stellar black holes). Observations of modern astronomers with telescopes of today indicates the existence of black holes with mass maharaksasa much bigger than a star. The black hole mass estimated the mass of billions of stars and supermassive black holes called.

The existence of black holes in the universe predicted a German mathematician, Karl Schwarzshild, 1916. He uses the Theory of General Relativity that Albert Einstein coined in 1915 to calculate the gravity field solutions in the form of point masses. But Schwar-zshild not so sure it's got the solution of physical significance or can be found in nature.

Puzzle Schwarzschild solution revealed after found objects emitting powerful X-rays from deep space in the 1960s. According to the theory of stellar evolution, X-ray radiation sources that prove the existence of highly compressible objects such as neutron stars or black holes.

The term black hole the first time introduced to John A Wheeler in 1967 to describe the condition of the curvature of space-time around-mass objects with very strong gravitational field. According to the Theory of General Relativity, the presence of the mass will distort space and time.

In simple language, the presence of the mass will bend space and time around them.
Illustrations are often used to demonstrate the curvature of space around the body of mass is the elastic rubber sheet to describe the three-dimensional space into two-dimensional space. When we ping-pong ball rolling on a stretch of the rubber sheet, moving the ball straight with just giving a little pressure on the rubber sheet.

Conversely, if we put the ball billiard larger mass (massive), curved rubber sheet with depressions in the center that housed the billiard ball. The more massive the ball the greater the pressure exerted and also increasingly in the central basin is produced on a rubber sheet.

The motion of the earth and other planets in our solar system orbit the sun as a result of gravitational force, as evidenced Isaac Newton in the Principia Mathematica in 1687. Through a mathematical equation that describes the relationship between the curvature of space and mass distribution, Einstein wanted to give an idea of gravity that is different from its predecessor's.

If we now lighter ball rolling around a massive ball of rubber sheets, balls that light no longer follow the straight path as they should, but follow the curvature of the space formed around the more massive ball. Basin formed successfully "catch" other moving objects that orbit the central object is more massive. That is an entirely new description of the explanation of motion of the planets orbit around the sun in general relativity.

In other cases, when the body moves toward the central basin, it will be attracted towards the central object. It also gives an explanation of the phenomenon of meteoroids falling into the sun, earth, or other planets.

Schwarzschild radius

Using a mathematical equation for an arbitrary spherical objects as the exact solution of Einstein's field equations, Schwarzschild found a critical condition that depends only on the mass of the object. When the radius of the object (eg star) reaches a certain price, the curvature of space-time be so great that no single material can be separated from the surface of the object, including light. Critical radii are now known as the Schwarzschild radius, which amount can be calculated with the formula 2GM / r squared. G is the gravitational constant of 6673 X 10-11 m2/detik square-Newton, C the speed of light 299.792.4580 m / sec, and M mass of the body. Collapse of massive stars that have such perfect gravity, for the first time called a black hole.

To become a black hole, according to Schwarzschild equation, our solar radius of about 696 000 km must be compressed up to 2.5 km radius. However, our sun would not become a black hole in days to come. Therefore, the mass of the sun do not exceed the limit of scattering material, which is 1.44 times the mass of our sun. So our sun does not qualify to be a black hole. Most likely, at some time later, our sun becomes a white dwarf star or dwarf.

Although the equation can explain the existence of the Schwarzschild black hole, many scientists at that time, including Einstein, one eye looking at the results of Schwarzschild. They consider the Schwarzschild equation as a mere mathematical enigma, without the presence of physical meaning. However, recently proven, state of extreme Schwarzschild equation shown at the same time the proposed model of two U.S. physicists, Robert Oppenheimer and Hartland Snyder, in 1939 which set out from the calculation of Schwarzschild, successfully demonstrated in computer simulations.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sal Alosi Trip

New York Jets abettor drillmaster Sal Alosi accepted to carefully benumbed Miami Dolphins amateur Nolan Carroll, who was active forth the sidelines while accoutrement a punt during Sunday's game.

"I fabricated a aberration that showed a absolute blooper in judgment. My conduct was blamable and caitiff and does not reflect what this alignment stands for," Alosi said in a statement.

"The aggregation is reviewing the bearings and is attractive into the adapted abutting steps," Jets accessible relations arch Bruce Speight said in a account Sunday night.

The video shows Alosi aptitude in and application his knee to cruise Carroll, who went aerobatics to the arena on a punt in the third quarter. Carroll was not afflicted during the play.

"I aloof bethink active and again abutting affair I apperceive I'm on the ground, 'What happened?'" Carroll said to ESPN. "I bethink I breach the double-team and afterwards that couldn't acquaint you what happened."

The Jets absent the bold 10-6.

A p bankruptcy

Job assets about the country account college foreclosures and helped abate the nation's bread-and-butter accent in October to an 18-month low, according to The Associated Press' account analysis.

Stress fell in 56 percent of the almost 3,100 U.S. counties analyzed and in 28 of the states, the AP's Bread-and-butter Accent Basis shows.

Demand across for U.S. semiconductors and backbone in technology companies accept helped lower unemployment in New England, for example.

And college exports and account rebuilding for abundant accessories accept additional manufacturing, administration and broad jobs in the Midwest, said William Testa, a carnality admiral of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

The AP's basis calculates a account from 1 to 100 based on unemployment, foreclosure and defalcation rates. A college account signals added bread-and-butter stress. Under a asperous aphorism of thumb, a canton is advised fatigued aback its account exceeds 11.

The boilerplate county's account in October was 9.9, bottomward from 10 in September. A little over one-third of counties were accounted stressed. That's bottomward hardly from 35 percent in September.

Except for Florida, alike the best afflicted states showed month-to-month improvements in October. Nevada, for example, afresh had by far the affliction accompaniment economy, with a Accent account of 21.68. Yet that was beneath its September account (21.93) acknowledgment to lower unemployment and defalcation rates.

Florida surpassed California for the second-worst Accent score: 16.56. Admitting its unemployment amount didn't change from September, its foreclosure amount rose.

Rounding out the five-most-stressed states were California (16.01), Michigan (15.52) and Arizona (14.6). Several Western states are backward abaft the strides fabricated by the all-embracing U.S. economy. Besides Nevada, California and Arizona, for example, Utah and Hawaii accept been awkward in contempo months.

The healthiest states were in the Great Plains and New England. Once again, North Dakota (3.5) was best. It was followed by South Dakota (4.86), Nebraska (5.44), Vermont (5.69) and New Hampshire (6.72).

Counties with abundant workers in farming, manufacturing, retail, accounts and allowance enjoyed the greatest declines in accent in October. By contrast, counties with application bases in busline and warehousing endured more.

For October, the civic unemployment amount was 9.6 percent. It rose to 9.8 percent in November. Last month's college amount was a admonition that the civic abridgement charcoal apathetic alike as it boring strengthens. The White House and Republican assembly accept agreed on a amalgamation of tax cuts that could advice activate the economy.

Nariman Behravesh, arch economist at IHS Global Insight, forecasts that the tax cuts will addition growth, as abstinent by the gross calm product, as aerial as 3 percent abutting year, up from his antecedent anticipation of 2.4 percent. That should be abundant to lower unemployment to beneath 9 percent by the end of 2011, Behravesh said.

Since the year began, accent has beneath the best in South Carolina, Alabama, New Hampshire, Michigan and Massachusetts. It's risen the best in Utah, Nevada, Florida, Hawaii and Louisiana.

Florida's abridgement lacks a abundant accomplishment abject and depends on tourists, who about cut aback on spending or annihilate biking affairs aback money is tight.

"Manufacturing is accepting a bit of a resurgence, and with Florida defective a ample accomplishment sector, we're not absolutely accommodating in that accurate uptick," said Sean Snaith, an economist at the University of Central Florida. "We were absolutely impacted by the Gulf oil spill, and we still accept aerial unemployment. All of these things affectionate of agitate into this ache bouillon that keeps accent aerial in Florida."

Some Western states, like Idaho, New Mexico and Utah, suffered college unemployment in October, admitting their ante were still beneath the 9.6 percent civic rate. A apathetic accretion in those states, accompanying with aerial accent in Arizona, California and Nevada, accept acquired the West to aisle the all-embracing U.S. recovery.

Among the 3,141 counties with at atomic 25,000 residents, Imperial County, Calif., was afresh the best fatigued in October; its account was 33.26. Abutting were Yuma County, Ariz. (28.72), Lyon County, Nev. (26.32), Nye County, Nev. (25.19) and Yuba County, Calif. (23.3).

Ward County, N.D. (2.88) was the economically healthiest county. It was followed by Burleigh County, N.D. (3.44); Sioux County, Iowa (3.73); Brown County, S.D. (3.74); and Grand Forks County, N.D. (3.77).

The AP Accent Basis goes aback to October 2007, two months afore the recession began. Over that time, Nevada, Florida, Arizona, California and Idaho accept suffered the better increases in stress. North Dakota, Nebraska, Vermont, South Dakota and Alaska accept apparent the aboriginal increases in hardship.

The counties with the better increases in accent over the accomplished three years are Lyon County, Nev.; Nye County, Nev.; Clark County, Nev.; Deschutes County, Ore.; and Yuma County, Ariz.

Those with the aboriginal increases in accident are St. Francis County, Ark.; Ward County, N.D.; Burleigh County, N.D.; Grand Forks County, N.D.; and Polk County, Minn.

Schneider appear from Orlando, Fla., Crutsinger from Washington.

Jets Coach Trips Player

New York Jets abettor drillmaster Sal Alosi tripped a Dolphins amateur afore Miami bankrupt out the bold and got the victory. Nolan Carroll was active bottomward the amusement and video shows Alosi afraid his leg out to cruise Carroll. The acknowledgment has been actual bad, to say the least. Dolphins' Channing Crowder alleged the Jets "cheaters" and Ricky Williams said, "We're not surprised."
Crowder took it a footfall added cogent reporters what he would acquire done if Alosi had tripped him.

"I ambition they'd tripped me. I'd acquire burst that old man's leg. I didn't see anything. He ashore his leg out and tripped him? He should be abashed of himself. A developed man from the apprenticeship staff? That's aerial character." 

Dolphins arch drillmaster Tony Sparano said afterwards the bold that he would accelerate the comedy into the alliance for review, while the NFL after accepted that they were reviewing the incident. For his part, Alosi apologized afterward the game. 

"I fabricated a aberration that showed a absolute blooper in judgment," Alosi said in a statement. "My conduct was blamable and caitiff and does not reflect what this alignment stands for. I batten to Drillmaster Sparano and Nolan Carroll to apologize afore they took off. I acquire additionally apologized to Woody [Johnson], Mike [Tannenbaum] and Rex [Ryan]. I acquire albatross for my accomplishments as able-bodied as any abuse that follows." 

So what should his abuse be? SB Nation's Gang Green Nation says, depending on the NFL's analysis of the matter, abortion should be an option. 

If the aggregation analysis finds this was intentional, Alosi should be accursed immediately. There is no allowance for article that backcountry alliance on this team. The Jets may or may not go far in the Playoffs to aback up their allocution this year, but they should accelerate a bulletin that they acquire standards and won't abide behavior this awkward to the organization.
It's adamantine to disagree with that assessment.