Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Toyota 86 in the Eyes Drifter Women

toyota 86
The launch of Toyota's 86 opened by the action of a woman drifting by pedrifter Alinka Hardianti. Drifter 19 years is very enthusiastic when menggeber Hachiroku nicknamed the sports car.

Using Toyota 86 TRD white berkelir Alinka accompanied President Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor, Johnny Darmawan. In its action drifter who are members of Team Toyota Indonesia (TTI) start liukan Hachiroku bend beautifully.

"My guess is hard suspension was just the tire pressure alone," said Alinka. "For a standard car the car has very good suspension for drifting," he added.

"For everyday driving it would be nice, with a standard manufacturer's be very easy to drift invited jamming. Whereas before I've never used it because it typically uses a standard car with a spec racing car," said Alinka.

Dara has also commented about the sweet price than competitors offer. According to him, with prices ranging from Rp600 million, Hachiroku sportcar quite affordable in the segment.

"If a car compared to others, it is cheap, this car is more Sportainment with attractive models and colors there is so much resale value," kat drifter FMU listed as a student, this Management Department.

According Alinka, with a little extra this car just enough to compete diajang drifting. "Maybe add a turbo and re-let more appropriate setup my character, is a competitive car for drifting," explained a drifter who crave orange Hachiroku standard.

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