Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just Not a New Year

Many things are done during and before the new year comes. Common things that we often encounter is activity on vacation, send each other greeting gift, or enjoy the fireworks scattered. Do not forget, each person also must prepare a prayer, planting hopes and ideals in every moment of the new year.

The first day in the new year, certainly for many people, is a special day. special course is not just because the year has changed. Moreover, the privileges lies precisely in the honesty of each person as full of hope. No other, namely the expectation that this year will be better than last year. This is the value that should be retained, should be cultivated, so that we always have an optimistic generation.

Generation is the hope that optimistic era. In the raging spirit within him always move forward, confident, and face the situation realistically. Generation future, not the generation who whine and cry to get something. In other words, future generations are generations independent. Generation that is able to stand on its own feet, not the generation that relies on luck, rely on the kindness of others, or depend on social and political networking.

An optimistic and self-generation is a generation that is able to read the times, iqra '. Generation that is able to articulate ideas and ideas into actions that can be accounted for. Not the generation that reached out, the generation that trade in the dignity of self and organization, nor a surrender to the state generation. Future generations is the generation that is able to follow the flow of time, while thinking and working to exploit the opportunities that exist.

Future generations is the generation of a mentally steel. Proceeds always be yourself, want to face challenges and break through barriers. Not the generation of vindictive, cowardly, low self-esteem and fear of new phenomena.

New year, was always filled with new hope. Indeed, it is not wrong. However, there are wise when we also learn to count, the count state. Has the situation on our side? Or just the opposite: a state is always pressing the expectations? Therefore, future generations are also required to think and act realistically. As a modifier and composer era generation, future generations have to be smart. Intelligence would not only think about intelligence, but also emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence.

Clever people said, "the idea that creates reality." Time reality which is so arrogant This is not necessarily a divine Providence. He created ole ideas. He translated through ideas and action. He was in the habit through the media penetration incredible enormity. Not good if many people mistakenly said that there is currently a "war of ideas / thoughts." Just like a war, of course there are opponents, no friends, no enemies, no allies. Future generations is the generation that is able to identify the best possible who his opponent, who is his friend, whom his enemies, who its allies. In the formation of such wars, before actually plunging into the field Kurusetra, there are many things we have to prepare.

Hope is the capital. But not enough as the capital for a real fight. We, future generations, also have to hone and sharpen mental thought. We shall arrange the liver, also managing emotions. New year, it promises new hope. New hope will be present and was born in the midst of passion, optimism, hard work, and our reading of the age wave. Hopes and aspirations will not come right out of the sky, let alone go down together kemerlip we watch the fireworks last night.

Happy New Year 2011.

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