Saturday, January 1, 2011

KH Abdullah Gymnastiar Divorce his Wife

The official blows that KH Abdullah Gymnastiar aka Aa Gym had divorced his first wife Teh Ninih. The issue of divorce the leadership of Islamic Monotheism Daarut, Gegerkalong, Bandung, with his first wife Hj. Ninih Muthmainah, aka Teh Ninih it had spread into the issue without confirmation since last year are now beginning to see a bright spot.

This is justified by the Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in Bandung, DR. KH. Miftah Faridl who contacted the City of Post, Saturday (1 / 1) says, the wife of Aa Gym, Teh Ninih indeed been divorced by Aa Gym.

According to Kiai Miftah, based on information from the Teh Ninih, divorce is still in process in Bandung Islamic Court and stayed pending the Panel of Judges, is the second divorce.

The first divorce happened some time ago and before the end-of Idah, the couple re-reconcile and rebuild the ruins of households that could fall apart.

But whatever the cause, added Kiai Miftah, it turns out this second marriage did not last long. This time the Teh Ninih who filed divorce and Aa Gym orally granted the lawsuit.

But the lawsuit has not interrupted the judges. Divorce Aa Gym with Teh Ninih, though not yet decided the religious court judges, the religion has been lawful, added KH. Miftah Faridl, who was deeply concerned with the divorce.

Apparently, polygamy is not always able to create happiness in the married. even that often happens is that a split in the household who previously seemed harmonious. is not much or maybe even no woman wants in two by her husband. This could be a lesson to us that, no woman wants in honey. whether it be our wife or the wife of a kyai though.

Here is a video view of Teh Ninih about polygamy:

Is this happiness will be a distant memory?

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