Saturday, October 1, 2011

‘Dancing With the Stars’: Nancy Grace on Dance Floor Drama

analyzing courtroom drama is Nancy Grace‘s specialty, but the legal analyst herself was the focus of major drama on the “DWtS” dance floor when she allegedly had a wardrobe malfunction during an energetic performance of the quickstep. Grace told “Good Morning america” today that she stands behind her denial, issued on twitter, saying she wears an “industrial strength bra.”

“that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Whatever anybody else wants to say, have at it,” Grace said today. “You’d have to see all the precautions that ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ takes so that that sort of thing doesn’t happen. I’m just really surprised that a bra incident would make headlines.”

No matter what did or didn’t happen during that dance, one thing’s for sure — Grace pulled off one of the biggest week-to-week turnarounds in the show’s history with that quickstep, even earning an 8 from notoriously-picky judge Len Goodman.

“that’s what we’re looking for. We’re looking for 8s all the time from everybody,” said Grace’s pro partner tristan MacManus. “So I was delighted to get our first one. Hopefully it’s the first of many.”

MacManus, one of the new male dance pros this season, is determined to make Grace into a real dancer. that means hours upon hours of rehearsals and occasionally butting heads with a stubborn Grace.

“We were still in the rehearsal hall, working until 9:30 last night. When I got home my twins were already asleep, so we’ve been putting in a lot of hours on our next dance. a lot,” Grace said. “I couldn’t expect a better instructor than tristan, but I got to tell you the grunt level is really going up in rehearsals. every time I make a mistake, he goes, ‘Ugh.’ and moves me in the right place. …I hear him go, ‘Ugh.’”

Grace’s response is to roll her eyes, MacManus, 29, joked. “We’re getting on well. We’re working hard together,” he added.

“I knew that it would require a lot of work, but it’s actually grueling. Sometimes five to eight, over eight hours of practice a day. You don’t just get out there and do the quick step like that without intensive preparation, but it’s actually fun,” she said.

Grace and the 10 remaining celebrity competitors take to the dance floor for their third dance Monday night at 8/7c on “Dancing with the Stars.”

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