Friday, December 31, 2010

Interfaith Leaders Remove the Sun 2010 in Bali

The interfaith leaders and the traditional village this afternoon after Denpasar at 17.00 local time around will gather to hold a joint prayer welcoming the new year at the event packaged in off the sun 2010.

"Every routine before the turn of the year we held a meeting and prayer meeting together with all religious leaders and traditional village as a form of togetherness," said Chairman of MUI Denpasar H Musthofa Al Amin, on Friday (31/12/2010).

Activities that will be attended Wai Rai City IB Mantra, it is not only intended to tighten the brotherhood but also to show that inter-religious life in Denpasar, walk in harmony and mutual respect for liberty in the spirit of pluralism.

The activity was centered in front of the Roundabout Sculpture Chess Front, Denpasar, it, all religious figures representing each of which will attend the MUI, the Association of Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI), Inter-Church Conference Services (Catholic and Christian), Walubi, representatives of Confucius Chu and Village Council Pekraman (MDP).

It is said Musthofa, interfaith leaders wanted to show people that they should be able to live side by side that differences in beliefs, not hinder the activities of social interaction and work together shoulder to shoulder to realize the ideals of society that is safe, peaceful and in an atmosphere of compassion.

As for activities MUI Denpasar, welcomed the new year, has circulated an appeal letter to the mosque and musala that contains the hope that Muslims can make the year 2010 as a means of reflection upon the various problems that have happened to this nation.

"On the various calamities that occur, is expected to Muslims can take the wisdom to do better this year in various areas of life," he hoped.

No less important, how Muslims can increase social awareness and strengthening the spirit of brotherhood, inter-religious love each other.

He also requested that Muslims do not dissolve in the excessive excitement susana including actions that endanger the safety of others during new year celebrations such as lighting firecrackers, racing-kebutan on the highway or take any action that violates the ethical and religious norms.

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