Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Visit My Associated Content Article Page as it Approaches 1 million readers!

The first car I ever road tested was an Acura TSX V-6

As my articles on AssociatedContent.com by Yahoo race towards the 1 million reader mark I figured I should highlight some of the excellent work that I have done with that website. I specialize in mainstream auto reviews but I do love tossing out a fun top ten list or some pop culture commentary fluff piece.

So please, as I move quickly towards that million reader mark do me a favor and check out what I have written. The topics are far reaching and everything I contribute there is an original. I hope you enjoy it and click here to check out my profile. And, yes, I need to take a more glamorous head shot!

The Most embarassing car I have ever driven. Just becuase of the color.

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