Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What are the Ten Best 2011 Cars for Families by Category?

Photo by Todd Allen/Courtesy of Tacair Photography
When it comes to buying a new family car nothing but the best will do. You want to have a vehicle that is not only reliable, fuel efficient and affordable but also one that is very safe and one that your whole family will enjoy riding in. As a parent, it’s great to have great crash test safety records but if you want your kids to ride with you (especially as teenagers), you had better be sure not to buy a “dork mobile.”

This is where this list comes in to play. Having tested each and every one of these vehicles on the road personally, I can guarantee that they offer excellent quality, terrific utility, value for money  and are simply the best at what they do. And since everyone has different tastes in regards to what kind of family car they want to drive, I have divided this list into different categories so that no matter what your budget there is something here you can afford. You just have to ask yourself, does your family deserve the best? 

Click here to find out who did and who didn't make the list.

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