Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011 Toyota Highlander (6th Place)

Although I tested a near $50,000 fully loaded Highlander Hybrid, this is 7-passenger capable family SUV probably makes the most financial sense in V6 or even 4-cylinder form. It is roomy, well built and has a stylish "non-presence" that is good for those people who don't like their vehicles to make a statement about them. Some may call it bland but I am feeling generous tonight so I will stick to "non-presence."

So what is it that keeps the Highlander from being the best 7-passenger midsize SUV on this list? Well, its biggest problem is with steering feel. Or rather the lack thereof. The helm is so light that you could sneeze and wind up crossing three lanes of traffic on the freeway. I am not expecting BMW levels of heft here but the Sienna SE proves Toyota can engineer a decent steering system.

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