Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bank of America Customer Service Number for Mortgage Help

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Bank of America Customer Service has a major role in the worldwide spreading out of BofA. Phone Number, contact information regarding Bank of America is easy accessible these days with the online services. There are many banking services, products, online banking that catch the attention of customer and so these customers to get more information contact the customer service agents over the phone or online.

Every division like credit card, online banking, debt card etc has the individual Bank of America customer service line that is available 24 hours a day. The BofA customer care executives have full fledged knowledge of their respective department and help the customer in getting the best of services.

In the official website you can find the telephone numbers, ATM locations, customer service contact details and Bank of America customer care center facets for each state in US. Along with this by just putting the zip code ATM and Banking Centers close to your area can be found easily. In the same manner phone numbers and contact details of each branch of BofA can also be found very conveniently. Moreover by calling Bank of America customer services you can get all the information pertaining to each available service. BofA customer service is excellent and helps in maintaining and retaining the customers. Realestatezing.com has also given the contact details and BofA customer service phone number that can be used whenever needed.
Bank of America Customer Service Phone Numbers
Customer Service numbers for checking/savings account:
California: 1-800-622-8731
Idaho & Washington: 1-800-442-6680
Seattle: 1-206-461-0800
All other US states: 1-800-432-1000

To open an account with Bank of America call at 1-800-900-9000

Credit Card Customer Service: 1-800-732-9194

Mortgage Customer Service:
Existing customers can call at 1-800-669-6607
New customers can make a call at 1-888-293-0264

Home Equity Customer Service Numbers:
Existing Customers: 1-800-934-5626
New Customers: 1-877-795-2854

Bank of America Mailing Address:

Bank of America
Brea Service Request
P.O Box 513609
Los Angeles CA. 90051-9931

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