Monday, August 8, 2011

Photos of Junior High School 28 Batam Go Back Flooding Mud

"This expression of the hearts of students of SMP 28 Pak. Hope you can help us," said Isti Muthmainah to the Deputy Mayor of Batam, Rudi, when reviewing the site on Monday (08/08/2011).

Isti handed about 200 letter which the heart expression of SMP 28 students Batam City about their condition during this time. Since it was built in 2008, this school was always flooded when heavy rains flushed the city of Batam.

Because of its location in the middle of the basin that holds water flow from the surroundings. Plus the absence of large channels that can help dry the puddles.

"The letter I submit that we are often swamped with every heavy rain. Until cannot learn to calm down. I also asked what Pemko cannot help anything for us. Let our schools are not flooded anymore," said the grade 3A.

As happened on Monday, due to heavy rain which flushed Batam day before, all students were forced to evacuate their learning activities.

More than 100 students in grade 1 which consists of four local schools to learn in front of the tent. Second grade students in the mosque neighborhood. And grade 3 students continue to learn in the classroom, precisely on the second floor of the school building.

"Students in grade 1 and two because learning outside the entrance to the classroom is covered with mud and floods," said a teacher Sariadi Isel.

Vice Governor of Riau Islands, Batam Pemko Soerya Respationo request immediately coordinate with developers who there are two parts to the question around the school to fix the plumbing. He regretted that because the developers lack of discipline makes children so cannot enjoy school because of flooding.

"There are some developers here. Actually, the image of the OB was their intact. Only in its implementation has not been appropriate. So there was a flood like this. I've asked the Vice Mayor to invite the developers and the OB to be run according to the picture," said Soerya.

He also gave the message to BP or Batam Batam Authority to consider the environmental conditions in the allocation of land.

Deputy Mayor of Batam, said Rudi Pemko already preparing heavy equipment to dredge soil or mud that covers the access of students into the classroom.

"The important thing now ask for the room be cleaned first. Let the kids can re-learn in the classroom," said Rudi.

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