Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ten Best Car for College Bound Kids in 2011

It's always scary when your child finally grows up and actually takes the giant leap from living at home to living far away only to turn into a "know it all" college freshman. While those of us who have attended college know there is still a whole lot life teaches us in the always turbulent years of 18-29, young people rarely know the difference between a car that they "want" and one that they should buy. This is why giving college kids credit cards is always about as smart as loaning Lindsay Lohan any jewelry or anything you'd like to get back. It never ends well.
So while your little baby may have grown up to want a 2011 Subaru WRX STi, tell him or her that this is a car whose car insurance rates would bankrupt the family and that they can buy one for themselves after they turn 25. (Note: Auto insurance rates plummet once anyone turns 25.) But you don't want to damage your kid's fragile self-esteem by forcing them to drive Aunt Bertha's 2002 Ford Taurus off to college now do you? Pretty much any car with a front bench seat holds no appeal for young drivers.

Acura TSX squeezes under $30,000!
So here is a list of ten of the best new cars for young people and why they are such wise buys. If the car is on this list it means that the current generation version and even the last generation model were both standouts so no matter what your budget there should be something here you can afford.
Some of these vehicles, however, have only been on sale for a couple of years so used prices might not yet be at their optimal level of depreciation. But none of the following models truly break the bank cost-wise when new as they have great residual value levels, rank high in safety tests and are at least relatively easy on gas.

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