Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ten Unique Family Cars Priced Under $30,000

Most new car buyers, especially those who have the needs of their family at the forefront of their mind, go out car shopping with frugality and utility at the forefront of their minds with styling, features and safety coming further down the list. But what if you have a family but you still want to enjoy driving your car, don't want to lose it in mall parking lots and most definitely DON'T WANT A MINIVAN!?
It's alright, we definitely understand the need to still enjoy shuffling the kids to soccer practice and driving is one of the few times in a parent's life when they get to enjoy a little bit of "me time." This is especially true if you order rear seat DVD entertainment screens for your kids in the back seat. Those things work like a charm thanks in large part to hypnotic cartoon phenomenon like "Dora the Explorer."

Now, these may seem like odd choices for the family man or woman but they are all capable family haulers that for some reason or another stuck out in my mind during road tests as excellent alternative choices. So before you buy an F-150 for your Costco runs, check out this list of ten models to see if there is something else out there that might be more your speed.

Pickup trucks are not for posing or scaring other shoppers in the supermarket parking lot, they are for hauling, working and getting bad gas mileage. A vanity pickup with no dents in any of the body panels is also inherently wrong in a Universal manner akin to the thought of Paris Hilton starting her masters in Chemical Engineering. And since pickup trucks are everywhere, they won't make you get noticed or qualify under this "unique vehicle" concept. To finish the point-pickup trucks are not family cars!

To see the list click on this link "here."

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