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2011 Renault Captur Concept

At this year's Frankfurt Engine Show, Renault unveiled its new product identification which places individuals at the leading edge of its issues. The new and focused style technique which lead from this is established on different levels of the human life-cycle, with each stage taking the form of a specific idea car. The first, the two-seater DeZir coupé, indicated 'falling in love', the interest present at the starting of any new experience. Now Renault Captur Concept details the second stage of this pattern, that of two individuals checking out the community around them.

2011 Renault Captur Concept
Renault Captur Concept

Just like its forerunner, Renault Captur describes the simple, intense and heated style that will be gradually prolonged to upcoming Renault car styles. "Captur is a fun and fantastic cross-over, perfect for a young couple about to discover the world" describes manager of style, Laurens Van den Acker. "It takes as its base the essential style terminology presented on the DeZir idea car but contributes a more specialized aspect - more efficient but still extremely intense," contributes Axel Breun, manager of idea vehicles.


In its ratios and liquid shapes, Renault Captur Concept stands for activity and lightness, yet at the same time showing extremely effective and muscle all-terrain hints. Just as with DeZir, perspectives, sides and collections have given way to intense and natural types. For the external developer, Julio Lozano, the main resources of motivation were sportsmen and extreme activities. "In developing Captur, I started with the picture of a runner on the starting prevents, his muscles stiff, and the energy unveiled when the starting gun is shot," he describes. The style also resources equipment such as boots, safety work gloves and other safety items used in extreme activities, mixing high tech with complexity and lightness.

Renault Captur Concept

Renault Captur switches into the new front identification first provided by DeZir. As with DeZir, this identification has as its centerpiece a large Renault logo, set top to bottom against a black exterior so as to take a position out as clearly as possible. Significant, matt-finished pizza strengthen the design's visible durability. LEDs communicate the route sign indication in a trend impact operating the whole duration of the automobile.

Renault Captur Concept

Renault Captur does more than simply mix the emotions: it is also a realistic and flexible automobile. It is fixed with a hard sports convertible top which, once eliminated, shows a graphite structure. Captur Idea can thus convert itself from a coupé to a sports convertible, from an city automobile to an off-roader, while its overall fantastic charm is strengthened by its butterfly gates and big car tyres fixed to 22-inch non colored documents wheels. With its body-work completed in a hot color of red, Renault Captur takes its cue from the red championed by DeZir. This color seems to be in a wide range of different colors on components both inside and outside the automobile.


The red concept has been taken over to the cottage which also features neon best parts selected out by a continuous flow of light. "My main resources of motivation were the body system, outside sports and city design," describes large and decrease developer, Kana Watanabe. "I desired Captur to show warmth and anticipating the waves."

The internal of Renault Captur is developed to be both pleasant and occupant-friendly. The impact of lightness indicated by the external is major here, too, with the top part chairs that come with the hub gaming system as if revoked in mid air. The traveler section is controlled and genuine, with no unnecessary equipment. Modern and brilliant materials have been employed, enabling the developers to play with lighting and visual effects. The hub gaming system, door supports and dash are established using a clear material rather like a second skin. At the top part of the cottage, this has a glance of the high-tech fiber rules, luminescent in places, that have been used for most of the traveler section. "The whole of the internal is developed around this system of expanded flexible rules which think about the planets of going or ascending, They use design and lighting to carry beat to the overall style and strengthen the powerful experience of the automobile while also guaranteeing a brighter experience inside the cottage," describes the internal decorator, Magali Gouraud-Borgers. The aluminum pedals, as well as bucket-style front part chairs and rim clipped in greyish distinctive set reassert the wearing part of the style, in keeping with the unique brief.

2011 Renault Captur Concept
Renault Captur Concept

The back of the automobile is a versatile place where the outdoor patio is covered with three levels of rope:
  • The expanded cables are set out in a way that allows items to be properly secured, thus offering a reconfigurable storage area;
  • They also offer an opportunity for leisure thanks to the soft flexibility of the framework. This is an entirely new type of comfort, a new form of sitting similar to a sleeping sack.
  • Lastly, it is possible to take seatbacks from the part of the car to offer two full-sized back chairs, complete with safety devices and head constraints. This allows Captur to provide four travelers.


Renault Captur Idea makes use of the Power dCi 160 twin-turbo engine-concept, developed from the new Power dCi 130. Downsizing is a key factor in Renault's way to meet its announced objective of being Europe's major car maker with respect to CO2 pollutants. The range of electric automobiles will run together with internal-combustion engined designs that incorporate efficiency with decreased petrol intake. Power dCi 160 twin-turbo suits completely within this technique. It generates 118kW (160hp) from a potential of 1.6 ltrs - that's a specific power outcome of 100hp per liter. Optimum twisting (380Nm) is available from as low as 1,750rpm, giving highly effective speed from low revs, as well as improved efficiency under all generating circumstances. Combined with a combined clutch system EDC gear box, this driveline guarantees truly pleasant generating with CO2 pollutants of 99 g per km.

2011 Renault Captur Concept
Renault Captur Concept

Renault Captur's efficiency is further improved by the RX2®, a novel program that increases hold at low connections. Should one of the two motivated tires lose hold, this entirely new technical self-locking differential transactions all or part of the engine's twisting to the rim with the most hold. Driving on slick streets and paths thus continues to be sleek and straightforward.

Renault Captur Idea also represents the introduction of the Visio-system, an advancement that uses a forwardfacing camera installed at the top of the windshield to provide driver-assistance features. This new technology is able to include synthesised pictures into real-time pictures of the street ahead shown on a main screen; this is the most crucial of improved actuality, trying to boost the driving understanding of the exterior world by superimposing purpose-designed components. The program helps generating stress, for a comfortable, comforting trip.

2011 Renault Captur Concept
Renault Captur Concept

Specialized data

    * Engine: Energy dCi 160 Twin-Turbo
    * Power: 118 kW (160 hp)
    * Capacity: 1,598 cm3
    * CO2 emissions: 99 g/km (NEDC put together cycle)
    * Optimum torque: 380 Nm
    * Top speed: 210 km/h
    * Transmission: EDC (Efficient Combined Clutch)
    * Tyres: 250/40 R22
    * Cd: 0.31
    * Kerb bodyweight, unladen: 1,300 kg
    * 0-100 km/h: 8 s
    * 1,000m status start: 29 s
    * Dimensions
          o Length: 4,223 mm
          o Width: 1,950 mm
          o Height: 1,586 mm
          o Floor approval (laden): 261 mm
          o Wheelbase: 2,624 mm
          o Front side track: 1,684 mm
          o Back track: 1,684 mm

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