Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Audi A5 a Coupe the Latest Appear More 'fresh'

New Audi A5 Coupe
German luxury car manufacturer Audi launched its latest model New Audi A5 Coupe by combining a luxurious, elegant and sporty. Audi A5 has been in Indonesia since 2009.

"Coupe two-door car has a sporty, young people represent the soul of sport and fun to drive," said Chief Executive Officer of PT. Garuda Mataram Motor Andrew Nasuri when the media conference held in Jakarta on Wednesday.

For the exterior, Audi presents the curve of a firm and solid lines on the car body. At the front, there is the design of single-frame grille and headlight design on the front of the more modern features LED daytime lights with Xenon technology. Using a modified rear lights LED lights.

Audi A5 Coupe uses the latest 2 +2 seater concept that combines a lightweight body construction for using aluminum, steel and synthetic materials.

The machine uses a 2.0 liter, four-cylinder configuration and capacity of 2,000 cc. The machine uses a system with a turbo-charged direct injection system, inlet camsaft timing and intake manifold so that the channel can generate large bursts of power.

Remarkably, the 2.0 liter engine capable of producing power by 211 horse power (HP) at 4300-6000 rpm rpm with maximum torque of 350 Newton meters (Nm) at 4200 rpm.

The model was able to accelerate only in 6.4 seconds from 0-100 km / h with a maximum speed reaches 243 km / h. Acceleration up to 8 speed automatic transmission.

Other standard tech power steering system that is regulated electromechanical. The advantage, providing a direct response with better precision.

Control system that has other advantages that can save fuel consumption up to 0.3 liters per 100 kilometers.

There are features Audi drive select to manage a variety of features in one integrated system with power steering, engine management, automatic transmission, suspension and automatic air conditioning.

For security, the New Audi A5 Anti-Lock system Braking System (ABS) to reduce the braking distance without losing control of the car.

Two air bag on the front, side and head. Tyre also Preassure Monitoring System which will monitor the air pressure of each tire through the tire rotation sensor.

All New Audi A5 Coupe sold for Rp. 690 million. If you want tambahaan features like electric seats, park distance control, Xenon lights, leather seats, alloy wheels 18 inch there is an additional approximately Rp. 100 million.

Audi A5 Coupe is available in black, white and silver and other colors are not close orders.

The entire Audi owners will get Audi Service Extended Warranty and Free Service for 3 years or 90 thousand KM including services and spare parts at authorized Audi dealers

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