Friday, December 31, 2010

Sweet Memories of the Nation Rich

The Indonesian nation is a great nation. With a long history of winding like a guarantee that this nation will become the king of kings that will stand on top of world civilization.

Looking at the history of Indonesia, we will be getting carried away long and heroic struggle. How did the freedom fighters struggled to sweaty energy independence from the hands of the invaders.

Even after independence had been won, Indonesia soon emerged as one of the strengths asia. In segani both by opponents and friends. At that time, as the newly established country, Indonesia is able to prove ourselves that this country exists, and to be reckoned with in the international arena.

As a newly established country, Indonesia also is a friendly nation. Nations that puts solidarity. Look at the time Indonesia had gained independence, and was at times brilliant in the early establishment of a State, Indonesia has also not forget trying to get other nations on this earth also feel the beauty of freedom and independence. Asian-African Conference was in fact evidence.

In fact, long ago if you had taken the time to Indonesia. In Indonesia you'll find people who have a sense of familial solidarity and high. In many remote areas, we will have no trouble finding people to work together in a spirit of mutual cooperation. From the tip down to the corners of Sabang Merauke, though separated by sea and land. But the spirit of friendliness and kinship remain. Terikatkan in a container called Indonesia. Unity in Diversity, although distinct differences remain one also.

I'm proud of this nation's history. A history full of perseverance and humility that is reflected in the friendliness of every citizen. Friendliness is the main attraction for other nations to continue to respect this nation.

But now some years have passed, a sense of togetherness that has even gone up to almost reach the nadir point. Now we will no longer find the tolerances are so good even though we have combed all corners of villages in Indonesia. This little thing could be big. Now we will not be hard to find a brawl in the corner corner of the country. Just to compete eyes could be the riots that took a lot of casualties. Look at the riots after the riots that recently occurred. Both are covered by mass media or not.

Corruption and various other bad thing is rampant in Indonesia. Poverty hit, unemployment is rampant. Beggars waiting at every red light intersection. Now people who never became king dul was like a month monthly other nations.

Once again I admit I was proud of the history of this nation. But when will we be proud of the achievement of achievement of the Indonesian nation in the modern.

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