Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2012 VW Passat First Drive Introduction and Factory Tour

VW has been building the Passat family sedan for sale in the United States for nearly a quarter century but it has always managed to remain a niche player because it was first and foremost designed for the tastes of the European market. So when VW announced that it was going to build a Passat just for North America, the first thing many VW faithful feared was it turning into some monster with huge cupholders, a soggy suspension, numb as Novocain steering and an interior with all of the build quality of your average Ikea bookshelf.

In other words, true VW loyalists feared that the 2012 Passat would be like the 2011 Jetta which is just a hop, skip and a jump from being about as exciting as a Corolla but with a cheaper feeling interior. Well, after having driven the new 2012 Passat with all three engines (TDI, VR6 and base model 5-cylinder) we can safely say that this family sedan still has that same old feeling of bank vault solidity from the way the doors close with a thud to the way it steadily tracks down the freeway especially at Autobahn speeds.

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