Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Five Best 2011 Family Sedans

Mainstream family sedan automakers have upped their game in regards to feature content, luxury and performance in recent years when it comes to their bread and butter family sedans. These cars aren't like your daddy's Oldsmobile, ladies and gentlemen.

Even with their most basic engines these mainstream family sedans offer up plenty of driver thrills to keep you smiling, even when taking your kids to soccer practice. I have road tested all five and have found them to be the best of the best in their respective categories. The beauty of all five of the following family sedans is that they all excel in areas the others do not.

You may notice some hot sellers who are not on this list and there are good reasons for that. The Nissan Altima is hampered by a cheap feeling interior and a CVT automatic that moans when you push it. The Sonata is also absent due to its lack of ride composure and floaty ride. Also, don't get me started on the Toyota Camry.

So don't cry into your cornflakes because you can't afford that 3-Series or an A4. Life marches on and you just might find yourself just as happy with one of these five stellar family sedans.

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