Thursday, June 2, 2011

TSA Hears Alaskans' Issues

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Mark Begich (D-Alaska) said he's happy airport security officials are listening to Alaskans’ concerns in regards to the controversial pat-downs that some travelers say are just as well invasive.

Begich joined Scott Johnson, TSA general supervisor for operations, along with a handful of travelers for any roundtable discussion, Wednesday.

The participants, who represented victims of sexual trauma and individuals who've disabilities, said security screeners could do a greater career of accommodating people with special wants.

They say they'd like to see a program through which protection screeners undergo sensitivity coaching and they'd also like special privileges; as an example allowing a companion to convenience them within the event of a pat-down.

Johnson stated the TSA is listening and constantly reviewing its methods. Their objective, Johnson said, would be to someday possess a “no hands” program during which all screening is carried out electronically.

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