Monday, March 5, 2012

The 3 Best FrontierVille Resource Strategies

So, you've taken on the task of building a thriving homestead on Zynga's FrontierVille, but you are having difficulties getting things done. There are many strategies that you can consume to pick up the most out of your FrontierVille experience.

There are three main things that are very primary when you are playing FrontierVille and those things are energy, food, and wood. These things manufacture you be able to do all the things around FrontierVille that you will need to do in order to succeed at the game.

Below is a breakdown of each resource and the easiest ways of getting each resource.


1) The best thing you can do to obtain more energy without having to exercise anything is to ask your neighbors for encourage. Your neighbors can send you snacks that will allow you to have more energy to work.

2) The second best thing for getting more energy for free is to visit your neighbors everyday. Many times that you visit your neighbors you will receive free energy. beget positive you visit every neighbor you have everyday.

3) If you are running vulgar on energy you can always exhaust your food to choose more at the market, however it uses a lot of food.


1) The easiest and quickest procedure to rep more food is to plant and harvest crops. This can buy anywhere from 5 minutes to 4 days depending on the carve that you are planting.

2) If you want to regain the most food, there is one simple method to do it, though it is very time arresting. Raise and sell oxen. Oxen on FrontierVille cost you a small chunk of cash to bewitch, but once you feet them and they become adults, they sell for almost double the coins and give you lots of food each.

3) Another mercurial device to score food is to harvest your neighbors crops and trees. This will not only accumulate you food, but will also score you experience and coins.


1) Overall, you will not need to have a lot of wood in the game, usually once you have cleared out your entire field then you should have plenty.

2) If you pick up yourself needing more wood, you can always tend your neighbors trees to earn more. It also gives you coins and experience.

3) If you are looking to stockpile wood, aim at your neighbors oak trees. Oak trees seem to give more than the others.

Bonus Tips

1) Ranching is the quickest draw to procure food and coins. Animals are bought as babies and through feeding they feeble. Once an animal has become an adult it sells for almost double what you paid for it and gives you food.

2) If you are working on your collections, don't forget to visit your neighbors! Your neighbors crops, animals, and growth can give you the items you need in collections too.

3) You can manufacture more than one of every building. This will serve you pick up more experience and bonuses. It will also aid you accept you collections faster.

4) Grow peanuts! Once you have plenty of energy, peanuts give you the most profit and food.

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