Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to Customize Mozilla Firefox - Looks and Functionality

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser like Windows Internet Explorer or Apple Safari. It is in wide spend today and is one of the most favorite alternative web browsers. It is also an originate source program, which means it is very customizable. From its looks to its functionality, Firefox is becoming the browser of choice for customizing.

Firefox may behold a bit wearisome by default. It wouldn't afflict to have a theme that suits you. A theme is a pre defined layout that someone else has made. Hundreds of themes have already been created. To try some out, commence Firefox, then click "Tools" then "Add-ons". You will be taken to a gallery of wallpaper choices. Scroll down to one you like and click "Wear It". The wallpaper will be applied to your Firefox background. I occupy this is called the Personas Gallery.

To net a dinky more of a personal touch, Firefox has themes that can change the icons as well. To accept those themes, click "gawk Firefox Themes »" found at the bottom left of the Personas Gallery window. Here you can browse through a gallery of themes to change the entire gaze of Firefox. Click one that you like, then click "Continue to Download" on the proceeding page. Click "gain and Install" to the end-user license agreement, then click "Install Now". After it has finished installing, Firefox must restart. Click "Restart Firefox" on the Add-ons menu that has popped up. After Firefox restarts, you will look the effects of the current theme. If you do not like what you have done, click "Tools" then "Add-ons". Go to "Themes" and click "Default" or whichever theme you previously had, then click "exercise Theme".

Now that you have a theme picked out its time to win some add-ons. Go to "Tools" and click "Add-ons", then click "regain Add-ons". Click "Browse All Add-ons" to start the add-ons gallery. Browse the categories for add-ons that may suite your need or taste. After you bag one you like, click "Continue to Download" and fetch the destroy user license agreement. After it has installed, you must restart Firefox for the program to accelerate. Click "Restart Firefox" to complete the scheme. Some add-ons work differently then others, so it is valuable to read the documentation that pops up about that add-on.

We should be coming conclude to something that looks mountainous. To organize the buttons and interface, true click a button, like your refresh button and go to "Customize". The Customize Toolbar will pop up. This is where you can plod and descend icons to the interface of Firefox. hump and plunge icons until you derive the solution that works for you.

Here are some other estimable hints to abet you gain around Firefox faster. Most of us have a few sites that we tend to visit on a regular basis. For sites like these, we want to originate to them very mercurial. The best spot to build these sites is the bookmark bar fair above the tabs and below the address bar. By default there may be some already saved bookmarks. If you do not want the pre saved bookmarks, simply just click on them and determine "Delete". Go to a dwelling that you browse frequently. After the website has popped up, you will seek an icon honest to the left of the address of the website. roam this icon to the bookmark bar. Now that the website is in this bar, simply click it to begin that web page.

Firefox has proven very customizable. By using Themes, you can completely change the blueprint your browser looks. If you need to bring more functionality to Firefox fair install add-ons. Firefox is an start source program and many people have uploaded useful applications to the web. Browse the Firefox add-ons page and you are definite to rep something you like.

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