Friday, March 2, 2012

Installing Mozilla Firefox

Web browsing is becoming a favourite past time of many households around the world. With the introduction of broadband internet over the last several years, access to the World Wide Web has never been easier. You are now impartial one step away from a library of information, but you need to be qualified from unsavoury software like pop-ups and viruses;

So you need Mozilla Firefox...

What Mozilla say about Mozilla Firefox

"A Better Web Experience

Mozilla Firefox 1.5 has an intuitive interface and blocks viruses, spyware, and popup ads. It delivers Web pages faster than ever. And it's easy to install and import your favorites. Packed with useful features like tabbed browsing, Live Bookmarks, and an integrated Search bar, Mozilla Firefox will change the procedure you experience the Web, for the better."

Other features include:

o Faster Browsing

o Automatic Updates

o Tabbed Browsing

o Improved Pop-up Blocking

o Integrated Search

o Stronger Security

o Clear Private Data

o Live Bookmarks

o Accessibility

o Customise Mozilla Firefox

o Next Generation Web Support

Mozilla Firefox is undoubtedly a very noble, righteous and practical alternative to Internet Explorer and over the next few paragraphs I will interpret how you can install Mozilla Firefox and record how to station it as your default internet browser, replacing Internet Explorer in your initiate Menu.

Ok lets gather started; firstly you will need to download Mozilla Firefox if you haven't already. For those of you who have not yet downloaded Mozilla Firefox I have included a link in the authors box at the ruin of this article. Alternatively you could go to the link listed below where you will be able to study the unique copy of this article and the step by step image guide with the Mozilla Firefox link in the top fair hand corner.

Step 1

Installing Mozilla Firefox

Double (left) click on the Mozilla Firefox Setup.exe (exe is short for executable) . This will start the Welcome to Mozilla Firefox setup window. Click next in the site up window.

Step 2

Software License Agreement Window

You are now at the software license veil where you have to choose I come by the terms of the License Agreement. To do this site your cursor over the white radio button and left click. You should peep a murky dot in the location you clicked. Now you can continue with the Mozilla Firefox installation by clicking on the next button in the bottom honest of the Software License Agreement Window.

Step 3

Setup Type Window

The setup type window allows you to catch either a Standard installation or a Custom installation. In this instance we only require the standard Mozilla Firefox installation as this installs all of the famous components that you will need to consume Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser. Click next in the bottom factual of the Setup Type window.

Step 4

You are now at the Summary window which details the dwelling of the Mozilla Firefox internet browser on your computer hard drive. By clicking the next button in the bottom moral of the Summary window you will inaugurate the installation plan. This may prefer a few minutes depending on the accelerate of your computer. Once the installation has been completed the Install Complete window is displayed.

Congratulations you have impartial installed Mozilla Firefox. Left clicking on the conclude button in the bottom upright of the conceal will commence Mozilla Firefox for the first time.

Now that we have installed Mozilla Firefox lets gain it your default internet browser.
Making Mozilla Firefox your default internet browser

Step 1

Properties Box

suitable click on the windows open button in the bottom left of your veil. You will behold that a box appears with a list of items. Don't pain if your listed items do not match mine, the Properties button is always displayed. observe down the list until you glean the Properties button and left click on it.

Step 2

Taskbar and begin Menu Properties Window

The Taskbar and begin Menu Properties window is now displayed. You will examine that the begin Menu is already highlighted. To the proper of the begin menu is the Customize button. Left click on the customize button to begin the Customize launch Menu.

Step 3

Customize commence Menu Window

As you can notice the Customize originate Menu Window has a number of items displayed. We need to focus on the bottom share of the window in the box titled display on originate Menu. You will explore that the top topple down box has Internet Explorer highlighted. To change this to Mozilla Firefox left click on the down arrow to the accurate of Internet Explorer. A list of internet browsers will be displayed. Locate Mozilla Firefox and left click on it. Once you have done that click on the OK button in the bottom of the window.

Step 4

We are now benefit at the Taskbar and launch Menu Properties Window. In the bottom apt of the cover you will behold that the Apply button is now highlighted, left click on the Apply button to confirm the change from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox. Now click on the OK button and the Taskbar and open Menu Properties Window will terminate.

Congratulations you have now replaced Internet Explorer with Mozilla Firefox as your default internet browser. Click on the open button in the left hand corner of the cover. At the top of the commence Window you will notice Mozilla Firefox. Well done.

Now that you have installed Mozilla Firefox why not give it a whirl, jubilant browsing.

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