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Facebook Revolution - Top 10 Facebook Games Guide

10. Farm Town

Being developed by Slashkey at the beginning of 2009, FarmTown is the Slashkey's alternative for the highly well-liked Farmville. The game's plan is the same as FarmVille's where you construct a farm and do your best to be better than your neighbor. The ebook provides you with ingenious tricks that allow you to arrive level 16 in the first 5 days of playing the game, while giving you a complete tutorial to ensure that you have 100% success in your mission. The author, T. Dub, is already renowned by the online community for his innovative and swiftly ways to near from a beginner to a highly-proficient player in objective a few weeks. He has written successful tutorials for almost all the Facebook games.

9. Restaurant City

If you aren't already familiar with this game, all you have to do is to acquire your enjoy restaurant, to decorate it, resolve the ingredients for your menus and try to bring in customers. You can expand your business by earning money from them. Last week, I found the official guide for playing RestaurantCity on Playfish website. Beside that, I also found two ebooks, one titled Restaurant City Mastery wrote by Shawn Woods and the other one called Restaurant City Secrets by T Dub. As both authors admit, the ebooks were created by carefully studying the best players in the world of Restaurant City. After months of hard work, they managed to form their enjoy step-by-step guides for success. They both vouch for their enjoy version as being the best by allowing you to lickety-split make your acquire restaurant, to attract sizable numbers of clients and how to manage your business as a PRO. popular features: - Price: $29 - 60 days money-back guarantee if you aren't elated by the ebook - Easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial - Guarantee reaching snappy 50 popularity and 5 stars - 100% good scheme - PDF format - Its procedure is unknown to 99% of the players - It shows you how to near Level 19 in fair 3

8. YoVille

YoVille by Zynga is a game that resembles in many ways to the common game for PC, The Sims. All begins in your virtual apartment. Your mission is to compose your character and to get as remarkable money as you can to arrive to the next level. What this e-book guarantees you is that are able to salvage to level 50 in 3 weeks, 100% good. The author, T Dub, studied all the successful players of the application to study why they catch money and evolve very mercurial. After having spent months in which he applied various methods to improve his character, he created an extremely generous technique that helped him create more money than all its competitors. At first the author interviewed all the successful players and found that the most effective methods are simple. It took 6 months to beget and implement the perfect diagram to originate money, and he says that he came through. He discovered why 93% of the players are choosing the contaminated design, found the diagram to secure to level 20 in 3 days and thereby made a step by step manual that shows you how to become a YoVille master.

7. Pet Society

Pet Society is a Tamagotchi version of the game created in 2009 after more than 13 years. The basic plan remained the same, you decide a pet, you form it, you obtain him peer the arrangement you want and then remove care of him. The inequity between Pet Society and the well known game Tamagotchi is that you have many more possibilities to have fun with your pet. If you choose better care of it, you catch more points and you evolve faster. The T Dub's book teaches you how to invest as exiguous time and procure as many points for your pet.

6. Mafia Wars

For this game, I found 5 books Dominate Mafia Wars written by Jenson Fuller, Mafia Wars Wizard by Vincent Cicinelli, Mafia Sniper by Chris Jones and Mafia Wars way by T. Dub and Mafia Sniper, which are designed to enlighten you how to catch more points and become that 'Godfather' or 'Capo di tutti capi'. Because the game appeared for a long time, many gamers have found ways to succeed, but as the authors say, few of them have applied these recipes along the time.

5. Texas HoldEm Poker

The trivial poker game moved online, besides their creations with farms and fish, those from Zynga developed an application dedicated for gaming enthusiasts, the well-known Texas Holdem Poker has become a source of entertainment for many users of Facebook. To manufacture your skills in this game, I found 2 splendid books Social Hold'em Secrets written by Virgil Tsutsumi and Texas Holdem Secrets by Phillip D. The two writers promise that you will learn how to regain 1,000,000 chips in the first day, become a professional player in less than 2 hours, you will learn how to pick up always chips from the first hand, you will rep out what you need to know to hold hackers away and how to become the best bluffer ever.

4. FishVille

Like other applications developed by Zynga, Fishville is not so different, your job is to occupy fish, decorate their aquarium, feed them and then sell them. The incompatibility between FishVille and other game type applications for Facebook is that you must buy care of fish with regularity. If you don't feed them or you forget to spruce the aquarium, they will die. For FishVille I found the FishVille Secrets book, which teaches you how to catch the best for the time spent in the game. This way shows you how to raise your experience points and your money. The blueprint takes about 2 weeks, then he says, you gain to level 34. It also will expose you an enchanting tutorial on how to compose your aquarium and how to find money and points hasty, even if you are at the beginning.

3. gay Aquarium

Developed by the ones from CrowdStar, this application is their replica for FishVile game, built by Zynga. The notion is almost the same, you have to purchase care of an aquarium with fish. I found a book that teaches you how to be successful in this game, written by the celebrated author T. Dub, available in electronic format (. pdf) at a brand of $27. The Dub's book was developed by studying some successful players, and after discovering a successful game strategy. He guarantees that you find to Level 15 in 3 days, only by using the revealed secret from this book, so if you are a fish games enthusiast, it worths trying.

2. Cafe World

The World Cafe application is created by Zynga and is similar to Restaurant City application, created by the ones from Playfish. The opinion of this two games is similar, you have to do your enjoy coffee shop and your job is to manage well the resources so you can be able to beget in the shortest time. The 3 books that I found for this product are: Cafe World Kings offered by Vincent Cicinelli, the second book is titled Cafe World Secrets written by Troy Mitchell and the third book of the Café World Domination written by T Dub. I found approved points in each of these books, the differences between them are, in my view, minor. But let's list some of the promises made by the authors of these books: - How to convince a lot of neighbors to join your business in unprejudiced a few hours; - You can learn how to finish squandering money by buying credits; - How to apply their plot no matter what level you are; - gape how to be effective in managing the money; - Money aid in 60 days if you are not glad with their product; - All 3 books are in.pdf format and can be accessed immediately after you pay them.

1. FarmVille

The most well-known game on Facebook is called Farmville and was developed by ones from Zynga. If you respect the chronology of the Facebook games, Farmville is the second immense success for Zynga after Mafia Wars. The understanding of the game, for the ones who don't know yet, is very simple, you have to buy care of a farm, to grow your harvest, and to construct money with your land. To perform your Farmville's ability, we found several e-books. Indeed, in this game are more in number, 8, probably because it has created a broad din of the facebook. Because this game has created such an hysteria on Facebook, we found 8 books: Millionaire Farmer Guide written by Troy Mitchell, Farm Secrets Revealed by Bob, Ultimate Farmville Guide by Eric Moore, Farmville Millionaire Secrets by William Bates, Farm Domination by Rogue Farmer, Farmville Secrets by T Dub, Farmville Wizard by Vincent Cicinelli and FarmVille Expert written by Jason Fitzpatrick. The favorite topic of these books is how to obtain hasty your farm, get more money and have more neighbors. The Bob's e-book promises that you will learn how to beget your farm investing only 15 minutes per day.

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