Saturday, March 3, 2012

Firefox Removal - How to Uninstall Firefox From Your Computer Completely

Are you finding an effective draw to uninstall Firefox completely from your computer? Did you fail to select the program again and again? Do you know what the dissimilarity between uninstall Firefox and other accepted programs? I consider you should know the secret of how to uninstall Firefox thoroughly from PC.

popular ways to uninstall a program is to seize it from built-in uninstaller and Windows add/remove program as following.

draw 1 Built-in uninstaller tool

Click inaugurate and then click "All programs" - prefer Firefox directory --- click the uninstall option - confirm the removal.

scheme 2 Windows add/remove program

Click originate on the left bottom --- click Control Panel.-click on Add or rob Programs --- highlight Firefox on the list of programs that are installed on your computer -- click purchase button. However, the above removal ways can not select bookmarks, passwords, cookies, preference settings and added extensions of Firefox and some registry value. If you want to delete those data, which can not be feeble by other browsers, you should follow my tips here to delete the Firefox folder in the default profile path.

1. Click "open" -- click "hurry"--- enter %APPDATA% and click "OK"

2. Now the hidden "Application Data" folder will be opened.

3. inaugurate the "Mozilla" folder

4. select the "Firefox" folder.

Do you mediate my tips are too complicated or a petite time-consuming? Here is a one-minute solution to uninstall Firefox. You can go online and regain a professional uninstall program for this disclose. The advantage of a uninstall program is that it can guarantee a perfect removal and prevent the corrupted remained files from causing further computer errors.

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