Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to Delete Firefox Mozilla Internet Temporary Files

The cache of a browser serves for acceleration of browser work, reduces network load and quantity of inquiries to internet space, which therefore increases its performance. That's why any browser tries to preserve as grand documents as possible in its cache.

If you originate one page in a browser, then another, then return to the first one, then apparently the browser will download it from your hard disk, where it was primarily cached. This operation is performed remarkable faster than getting the same document from network.

For page viewing it is distinguished not only to accumulate HTML code, but also to download from network all accompanying documents: CSS-files, images, the scripts issued in the originate of separate files, etc. As lack, most viruses, network worms and malware-programs carry out from temporary files directory, that's why rank adjustment of cache work and insufficient anti-virus control may turn temporary internet files into "virus territory." Too huge cache also negatively influences the work of a browser and PC hard disk subsystem, as a result, internet cache advantages fade.

But where these temporary internet files can be found and how is it possible to operate them? For example, Microsoft Internet Explorer uses directory "C:\Documents and Settings\_USER_NAME_HERE_\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files" for cache storage, while Mozilla Firefox for Microsoft Windows stores its temporary files in directory "C:\Documents and Settings\_USER_NAME_HERE_\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\_RANDOM_FILENAME_HERE_\Cache."

The adjustment of internet cache size is possible in Firefox menu Tools - Options - Advanced - Network - Offline Storage. Here it is also possible to limit hard disk residence for temporary files' storage or delete them proper away ("obvious Now") . If notable, the point to operation can be performed differently: wipe the internet cache directory manually or manufacture file clear_ff_temp.Cmd with the following content: rd /s /q "%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles"

This CMD file will delete all Firefox temporary storage on this computer. It should be performed, for example, before anti-virus scanning along with Windows temporary files folder wiping (C:\Documents and Settings\_USER_NAME_HERE_\Local Settings\Temp), because in this case thousands of uncommon puny files (standart quantity of temporary files of Windows and browser) won't be processed, so it will build you some time. This will also delete viruses and malware if they had already been there.

If it is required, the file clear_ff_temp.Cmd can be added to the Windows scheduler or autorun, then Firefox temporary files wiping will be performed automatically.

It should be distinguished that too frequent temporary files wiping will decrease internet cache utility. The default Firefox adjustments are usually enough, but sometimes temporary internet files wiping is really well-known and then we recommend to rob advice of the given clause.

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