Saturday, March 3, 2012

Top 4 Addictive Internet Web Based Games in 2010

The first internet game I would like to mention is FarmVille. Zynga, the developer of this sharp Facebook game, has made a storm when FarmVille was first unleashed into the Facebook community. It is a basic game. You manage your gain farm, harvest the crops, and feed the animals. Yet, it composed has over five million users playing it daily. Zynga made the most of Facebook's viral marketing feature to design this game an absolute hit. It is actually aesthetic addictive. You have the race to check the game every few hours to produce clear your crops and animals are growing well. You also have more success if you invite your Facebook friends, hence the popularity. If you want to play this game then head over to Facebook and type 'FarmVille' into the search box.

The second game I would like to mention is rainbow unicorn. In this game, you can only do two things. You can either bash through the star obstacles or jump over them. How can such a game be so addictive? I reflect it has to do with the hasten of reaching the highest scores. The music, exclusive but ambient, also fits in well with the overall theme of the game. The game is also stunning rapidly paced so you can easily try again and again. I probably had ten goes in objective five minutes which kind of shows how unpleasant I am at it.

The third game I would like mention is Texas own Em Poker. This game was also developed by Zynga and you can play it online on Facebook. The game is very well designed. You can play against seven other poker players in one game. They also have different caps and levels to separate the beginners from the experts. If you appreciate the game of poker then Texas have Em is definitely worth a try. You are also using virtual money so you have nothing to lose.

The last game, Frontierville, has also been developed by Zynga. It seems Zynga is a really common business in the Facebook world. Like FarmVille, you control a dwelling of land except this time you are situated in the Wild West. You have to turn this dwelling of land into a thriving Western town with schools, cabins, and banks. It has only been three weeks since its start and it already has five million users. This really shows the power of Facebook. If you are looking to promote a game then there is no better site to open off than this approved social network.

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