Friday, March 2, 2012

Firefox Lagging - Why Is Firefox Lagging, How Do I Fix It?

Firefox is one of the efficient web browsers available online. However, it is reported by its users that Firefox lags. Are you experiencing the same remark? This jam is very distinguished annoying and it does not allow users to browse web in a faster diagram.

If you want to hurry Firefox faster as it lags on your system, then you should follow the guidelines given below.

First of all well-kept Windows registry. This browser creates lots of registry entries and it is indispensable to shapely registry location to nick clutter and prevent Firefox accomplish lagging and freezing. Registry is database where operating system stores all hardware and software configurations.

The second thing is to obvious cache, history and temporary Internet files. If there is junk in your browser then it would result in lagging. You may consume a system cleaner for this job.

You may be thinking that why Firefox is lagging when it had no problems in the past? What happens is that few websites forcefully add toolbars and add-ons. These unwanted add-ons cause disruption in the normal working of the Firefox. So, you have to uninstall these add-ons. Follow these steps.

1. Click on begin button on the desktop.
2. Go to Settings and click on Control Panel.
3. Now click on Add or select Programs.
4. In the programs list acquire unwanted toolbar and consume it.
5. Done.

Manage your startup.

The above guideline allow you to fix lagging dilemma with Firefox browser. Error may also be caused by Flash errors.

It is recommended by PC experts to repair Flash, active-x, file associations and other registry errors to construct Firefox faster and stable.

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