Sunday, March 4, 2012

How Many Levels are there in FarmVille?

It is the biggest mystery that how many levels are there in FarmVille. Before 10th June 2010 the highest level in FarmVille was 70, but after that the number has grown to around 100. it seems that Zynga is adding more and more features to the game as it is progressing. The fun of playing FarmVille is the disagreement in your reach towards game changes in every period which makes the game more and more tantalizing.The highest level i have seen on FarmVille is level 92.

I consider no other game has as many levels as FarmVille has. But this has Con's too. The first one being you want to level faster and faster and near ahead of your friends. You might be using cheats and glitches but they are not a long term strategies because eventually the makers of the game collect it out and block it. Here are some three tips which will aid you level faster in FarmVille.

Hay bales

lift yellow hay bales worth 100 coins, you rep 1XP per 19 coins you consume on hay bales. That means you have now made 5 XP. Then after you have got your XP, sell all the hay bales at the same imprint you bought them from the market. retain repeating it.

Soyabean delete method

When you harvest your soyabean reduce, immediately plant more seeds and then delete each state followed by placing original plots and planting unusual seeds in them again. It will cost you 30 coins for every state but also return in 3XP per area which makes it 10 coins per XP.

Here is a complete list of levels in FarmVille.

There are several other precautions you need to prefer while playing FarmVille, for example if you miss the harvesting period of your crops they will rot, you need to steal precautions on every step you assume in FarmVille or you will have to repent later.

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