Monday, March 5, 2012

Conquering the Frontier Without Cheats

While Zynga's FrontierVille has sure similarities to its counterpart FarmVille, I have found FrontierVille more to my liking. After a stress-filled day at work I derive myself relaxing in front of the computer harvesting crops, gaining experience and, for trusty excitement, getting to clobber a groundhog away from my peanuts' slit.

Life on the homestead fetch more adventurous when your clearing away pine trees and a ferocious acquire jumps out and you have to panic him away. Each level has goals that must be met. From preparing a meal for the original schoolmarm to raising and selling 50 adult geese. Some goals are easy and allow you to breathe a cramped while others lift time, planning and strategy.

I've already seen fans, players and neighbors posting cheat links with hopes of getting further in the adventure and not having to actually play the game. Well, I for one, delight in the challenge of completing goals, gifting to friends and receiving gifts from neighbors.

I fancy waking up with gifts waiting for me, I thrive on searching all my neighbors' homesteads trying to fetch sunflower oil, oxen rib peek and clover bumble bees. I rep the 'hunt' thrilling and almost jump out of my seat when I finally retrieve that final part of the goal puzzle and can travel to the next goal or level.

By nature I am more of a word puzzle game freak but this FrontierVille game has me addicted. I understanding my harvest time around my work schedule and will periodically check in throughout the work day to manufacture positive I'm missing out on any special bonuses or free homestead items.

And at the kill of the day I can say I accomplished a hard day's work without having to scam horseshoes or follow links to brand up for needless offers. I am a successful FrontierVille gamer.

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