Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to Download Flash Movies

Flash movies are becoming more prevalent on the Internet allowing users to play media files, movies, cartoons and presentations while looking at a website. Often times people want to keep these presentations for later viewing or viewing offline. People often contemplate this is a complex design but in reality downloading and saving flash movies is quite simple and can be done with minimum installation of modern software. Below are a few of the options available if you wish to download flash movies to your computer for offline viewing.

In Mozilla FireFox

When browsing in Mozilla Firefox there are a few options to users that are wanting to download flash video files to their computer. One of the best options that is known to work with many of the major flash video websites including:

Daily Motion

Facebook Videos




various adult entertainment websites

The option I'm talking about is simply adding the Download Flash and Video plugin for Mozilla Firefox. With this tool Downloading flash video is as simple as a single click. You can also download flash games with this tool as well from many of the various flash game websites. In the Mozilla Firefox extensions website the Download Flash and Video trot in gets four starts with one hundred and seventeen reviews.

Downloading flash movies is very simple in Google's Chrome Browser as well. The leading extension for Chrome is collect Flash offered by Lex1. The extension comes in with 3.78 starts after one hundred eight votes. It has been downloaded 85,280 times and is the leading diagram of getting videos embedded into websites with Flash off websites and on to your computer's hard drive for later viewing.

Another better option that is coming out in the newer builds for Google's Chrome operating system version 4 and higher that is place to be released soon is the Flash Video Downloader. This plugin currently has nearly four starts with four hundred twenty nine votes for it. However this extension does not currently work in production versions of Google Chrome, however if your feeling hazardous you can download the developer beget of Google Chrome 4.0 or higher.

accurate Mumbo Jumbo

I have to create it sure however that downloading videos may violate people's copyright. Downloading videos and posting them on other sites is a distinct violation of copyright and will collect in to a lot of inconvenience with copyright holders. If you need further guidance on what you can and can not do (or even if you can download flash videos from websites) please ask an lustrous property attorney. Downloading videos from YouTube is a violation of their terms of service that you agreed too.

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