Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review - Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1

A grand Alternative

The original version of this good e-mail client carries several innovations. Among them, can be cited message markers (similar to what exists in Gmail) and the possibility to browse through the message history accessed through the "attend" and "Next" buttons on the toolbar, as in a browser.

There is a search tool that will allow you to get emails by fair typing a few words and choosing how they should be fetched: recipients, subject, body text or everything. For those who need to make the same searches regularly, Thunderbird saves them all to be accessed rapid in the future.

Whenever you receive a current message, the program sends a short gape that appears in the corner of the cloak informing about the sender, subject and the beginning of the text.

Another consuming feature is its ability to get message templates, ideal for those who need to send the same email several times.

No More Spam

With improved anti-spam tools, Mozilla Thunderbird has everything to send you away from those pesky advertising messages. Besides possessing fill mechanisms, the e-mail client can also be conventional with spam filter of your provider, sending all these unwanted messages to a specific folder.

More Protection

According to developers, in this recent version Thunderbird is even safer, with improvements to anti-phishing that will alert you whenever an attempted coup is identified, including advising you of the existence of links that will lead you to destinations other than those indicated in the message.

Keeps Getting Better

Already in version 3.0, a series of recent tools had been deployed in Thunderbird. Now these features rep more rush and serious issues are now fixed.


Similar to Mozilla Firefox browser, Thunderbird also earns tabs by double-clicking or by pressing "enter" on a message will inaugurate in another tab.

When you click on the messages, they will begin in background tabs. Another innovation is the maintenance of tabs, which are saved and reopened if the program is closed unexpectedly.

Internal Searches

A resource that was very popular in novel years is the ability to execute searches for messages stored in your e-mail record from the main interface. E-mail clients followed the same path, but until recently there were no marvelous results. Now with the update, Thunderbird is the accurate site and makes the internal search great faster.

Automatic Configuration

If you have no thought what a (or how to configure a) POP3 or SMTP server, the Mozilla Thunderbird becomes perfect so that you can exercise an e-mail client with any complicated configurations.

Most Dynamic Filters

Another novelty of Mozilla Thunderbird is the presence of fresh and more dynamic search filters. When you make a search for messages, you can filter your search by sender, recipient, subject or even by the text of the message. You can also order them by subject, sender and sent date.

unique Message Toolbar

The toolbar has been redesigned and now includes respond, forward, archive, junk and delete buttons. It can also be customized to better fit to different user profiles manager.

Add-ons Manager

Through the Add-ons Manager, integrated with Thunderbird, you can acquire and download add-ons to the software. These add-ons include Extensions, Themes and Plug-ins, everything to let Thunderbird even more personalized.

Contact List

The contacts that are already on the list are marked with stars and can be edited at any time. When a message is received from unknown sender, you can add them to list in a hasty and simple blueprint. The novel version of Thunderbird brings even the original Birthdays calendar and allows adding photos to users.

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