Friday, March 2, 2012

Empires and Allies: Zynga's Best Game Yet?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll already know that Empires and Allies is the fresh 'freemium' Facebook game from Zynga and, with an extraordinary over forty five million monthly users already, it looks dwelling to be their biggest hit yet. So, what exactly is Empires and Allies all about?

This absorbing unusual game is a combination of the best elements from previous Zynga games such as CityVille, along with what could be described as more weak board game like elements from extinct favourites such as 'Risk' (remember that? ) . As previously well-known, the game is from the 'freemium' sector - the player has the option to expend steady world money on various announce and yet this is far from principal. The sizable majority of players luxuriate in the purely free aspects of the game, with diminutive disadvantage when compared to their paying rivals.

Upon starting the game, we gain ourselves in the midst of chaos: a devastating attack has taken status, and the ruins of war lie all around. The smoking ruins must be cleared and the trudge towards restoring the pride and glory of the empire must inaugurate at once! An army, navy and of course airforce must be built and scientists achieve to work in top secret research labs to earn fearsome recent technologies. Questions unruffled remain, however - why did the attack buy station, and who is unhurried it? As the player progresses through the game the acknowledge to these questions will quick become apparent. Someone is going to pay for this...

Players are guided by an satisfactory tutorial which introduces the main aspects of the game in a sure and accessible manner. The tutorial also introduces us to many of the well-known characters and allies that exist in game. The world of Empires and Allies is divided into several archipelagos, with the player's aim being to progress and expand from their starter island until they absorb four other islands - five in total. Of course, obstacles lie in the blueprint of this progress, most significantly in the shape of a dastardly figure known only as 'The Raven' and his fifteen unfriendly companions who beget a separate archipelago of their believe.

As the player progresses through the game they will encounter many colourful computer controlled characters, both enemies and allies. These include the already mentioned #1 dreadful guy, The Raven, and also the all-important ally Scarlett, who also appears as the mascot for the game itself. The most well-known allies of all however are your Facebook friends: invite them to become in-game neighbours and consume your combined might to work against the enemy. Neighbours can back with the day to day running of your empire, and even act as primary staff members for your important buildings. Excitingly, the player can decide to derive in touch with their dusky side and invade neighbours - this will obtain what are rightly known as 'infamy points'.

If you ever found FarmVille or Mafia Wars too unimaginative and one dimensional then this combination of strategy, resource management and all our warfare might be impartial your thing. Overall, Empires and Allies looks to be easily the best Zynga product yet, and we hope you bookmark our dwelling, 'like' our Facebook page and return often to acquire out the latest news and information about this colossal game! Until next time...

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