Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to settle Xul Dll Errors in Windows

Xul.dll is a file that's weak by the "FireFox" browser to back it download and process a variety of web pages. Unfortunately, it's also prone to a lot of problems which cause a series of different errors that are displayed when you try and spend FireFox. This drawl is actually very easy to fix and although many people do experience it every day on their computers, you can choose it relatively speedily and easily.

The first thing you should do to choose this error is to reinstall Firefox. This can be done by first downloading the most updated version of this free browser from and then saving it to your hard drive. Then you should click on inaugurate > Control Panel > Add / choose Programs and then take the FireFox program from your system. This will consume the program from your PC and will also delete xul.dll with it. After you've uninstalled Firefox, you should then restart your system (to originate distinct the changes took execute) and then begin up the installer you downloaded before. You should then load up this installer and install the recent version of Firefox on your system, which should update xul.dll

If this does not work, you should then try and update xul.dll by hand by first downloading a original copy of the file and then placing it onto your PC. You'll collect xul.dll in the C:\Program Files\Mozilla FireFox folder of your system and the first thing you should do is to rename your original xul.dll to xul2.dll. After that, download a unique copy of the file from the Internet and then set it into the folder that you had the other xul.dll file in. This will replace the customary file with a current version which should fix the error you're seeing.

After performing these steps, you might also want to assume about using an antivirus program to steal any of the virus infections which could potentially be distorting the xul.dll file. This is a speedy process which is very easy to do - you impartial need to first download an antivirus program and then let it scan your PC, removing any of the infections that could be damaging your system.

You should also try using a 'registry cleaner' to fix this speak as well. One of the main reasons why Windows constantly has DLL file errors is because of the diagram in which the 'registry' becomes damaged or corrupted. The registry basically holds a central storage list of all the DLL files on your PC (it's called the "DLL Path References" list) and is what every software program uses on your system to load all the DLL files on your system. This list often gets damaged, preventing programs like FireFox from being able to read the DLL files that it needs. You should employ a 'registry cleaner' to fix this pickle for proper.

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