Friday, March 2, 2012

cherish Isle Tutorial - The Newest Facebook Game by Zynga

care for Isle is an amalgam of several different games, but packaged extremely smartly into an exploration-style game. As with other Zynga games, it is played through Facebook. All you need is a Facebook record.

In cherish Isle, you play a fully customizable avatar seeking riches in the South Pacific. The goal of the game is to scrutinize islands, catch treasures, and return to your home island for rest and relaxation.

Your avatar travels by boat to various islands that are located on your draw. Once on the island, you must employ your shovel to dig up plots of land as your search for buried fancy. As you hasten into bushes and rocks, you will be required to select other tools such as pickaxes to definite the procedure.

Every time you determined a fragment of land, you will spend energy (objective like in Mafia Wars) . You may replenish energy my eating fruit, leveling up, or simply waiting.

On your home island, you have two plots of land that you can plant with fruit (like Farmville) . Every few hours, you can harvest and replant the fruit to hold your exploration energy up! Your home island also comes with a gem tree. Gems are worn to unlock clear statues throughout the islands. to earn the upright color gem, you may need to visit your friends' islands.

The next highlight of the game is your ability to decorate your beget island (like Cafe World) . You may employ either Gold or Island Cash to grasp recall enhancements and decorations for your island.

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