Friday, September 16, 2011

Art Clay compared with precious metal clay

Learn how to create your own jewel at home means finding the right materials and tools. Some of the most popular ways to create your own jewel is using Precious Metal Clay or Art Clay. This allows you to be completely flexible about what kind of jewelry you do and how you want to watch.

There are many different types of clay used for jewelry making, however two of the most popular forms are Precious Metal Clay and Art Clay.

Metal clay contains small particles of metal in a clay Binder, which can be used to make a variety of pieces of jewelry. Can be printed in any form, like any other clay, but once shot results in a delicate silver piece.

Precious Metal Clay lets you wear jewelry of delicate and complex. Available in clay, syringe, pulp and paper, clay can be manipulated with various tools to create beautiful jewelry pieces.

Precious Metal Clay is often used to create beads and small sculptures in the form of gold and silver. The clay allows beginners to established jewelry makers to create personal and meaningful pieces of jewelry.

Once the clay has been shaped, it is fired in a kiln or even a gas stove. Art Clay, however, very often ended up with a torch as gas is more suited to this method.

Art Clay has many similar properties to Precious Metal Clay and there are notable differences; both the same working methods but they are very slight differences in product components and consistency.

The simple difference between Art Clay and Precious Metal Clay is their trademark. Both will provide you with much the same results, but you must decide which brand do you want to buy your clay. Both will give you a similar result, however, Art Clay slow dry oil contains pasta, oil and overlap paste. Art Clay is often attractive thanks to the low temperatures that can be fired.

Another difference between the two are their textures, both slightly different feel to the touch.

Jewelry makers who worked with clay for a long time will tend to have a brand preference to work with. Talk to any responsible jewelry you know, or even the shop assistant. Talking to someone who has worked with clay before will be able to tell you what brand you prefer and why.

Read reviews online and do a comparison of prices, which could be a factor in deciding which type of clay for purchase. Many online reviewers and manufacturers of jewelry will choose one brand over another, and will have specific reasons for their choice. Understand what it is that it would be like from jewelry making metal clay and make your decision based on which brand will give you these results.

It is certain that Art Clay, or Precious Metal Clay will provide you with unique pieces of silver for your collection.

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