Friday, September 9, 2011

Marvel animated film

When you read a comic book that are transported into a fantastic world full of heroes and villains of the calibre of our mundane world can only dream of. You get to read their comment witty and imagine hissing that would make while flying through the air or the crunch of a smashing a tank. You can imagine how their expressions change when they saw their greatest enemy appear and take the one person who always kept hostage.

Cartoons comics you will get to experience the action with your favorite heroes. Not only do you get the amazing stories of your favorite heroes that you have read on your whole life, you also get to hear them speak and watch them perform amazing feats is not possible without a budget of 500 million dollars.

I remember the first time I heard tell Wolverine series "bub" in the animated X-Men I was overjoyed. Seeing the Incredible Hulk take on an entire planet in "Planet Hulk" was an experience that I could never have gotten from the graphic novel. Battle of Shazam Looks Superman in Justice League Unlimited was one of the most incredible battles I've ever seen.

Not only do you get the action scenes and the best entry film with comic cartoon is also getting great stories. "Batman: under the Red hood" was one of the most thrilling and gritty comics movies I've seen in years. Dementia and the ruthlessness of the Joker was on par with epic live action as the Dark Knight. And no scene in the Dark Knight was so horrifying as the opening scene in "under the Red hood."

"Green Lantern: first flight" tells the story of recent live action adaptation of the Green Lantern might have hoped. You get an epic story full of Galactic intrigue and corruption. You get to see Hal transformed from a human being doubtful for more powerful lantern and a hero of the body.

But it is not all about the gratification that will earn in the animated film. The cartoon series are full of sub plots and epic stories ever you could get in a comic book movie. The story of Cadmus in Justice League Unlimited was one of the greatest cartoon storylines ever. And if you have not watched season one of Avengers you are missing out on alien invasions and internal corruption as you have never scene. And I can't wait to see the second half of "Young Justice".

So if you haven't watched an animated cartoon recently suggest that do so now. You will enjoy it.


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