Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy birthday King of Pop

On 29 August, celebrate the birth of a pop star that has influenced and was influenced by other royalties in the music industry. We recall that Michael Jackson as the vocalist with his brothers in the Group The Jackson Five. In the seventies, Nineteen of this group of five brothers came to fame. When the boys decided to go solo show songs of their individual talents and Michael Jackson dance moves played many elevating him to the heights of the pop icon.

Michael Jackson became the most successful of the group because he influenced generations. Their music can be heard on many radio stations worldwide. Your videos are still enjoyed in music television and the internet. Even the kids today like to listen to and sing along with him to bubblegum songs like, "I wanna be where you are, Ben and Candy Girl just to name a few. During the rock children Christmas vacation for your song, I saw Mommy Kissing Santa clause. Yes. This musician left its mark on pop culture, which earned him the name of the King of Pop.

As an adult animator next generation grew up listening to his music with his brothers and the new solo hits. As a solo artist the King of Pop to address some of the social issues of the time. The song Beat It was about gang violence while Billy Jean touched on the issue of teenage pregnancy. Thriller was the first videos of type of short film. You can check out the video on YouTube.

There are a lot of talk about the impression he left on the art of dance. As a powerful King of Pop artist popularized his famous dance called the moonwalk. Barely touch the ground as he glided across the stage behind, finishing with a double tap as an ice skater sent screaming fans in fits of panic causing many weak.

His genius on stage translated for your business savvy in the boardroom. To reach more fans with his music he paired with other artists and began his own production company called MJJ Productions. The King of Pop has also gained status of actor when he starred in The film The Wiz starring Diana Ross.

This year, the Hard Rock Café is celebrating its 40th anniversary, displaying some of the most emblematic music memorabilia in a mobile station. The tour is scheduled to stop in different cities in the United States. Among the items displayed is iconic red leather jacket that Michael Jackson wore in the video of the song Beat It. Unknown to many of his fans inside the jacket is a sticker of a backstage pass Show Liza Minnelli 1983.

The King of Pop moonwalking left a memorable impression on fans around the world. It is estimated in many countries, because of his remarkable talent, so more experienced business and childish. Through his immense talent fans have enjoyed watching him accomplish their many successes as a vocalist in a group and as a solo artist. Even though his life was short the work that he is still making an impression that is felt around the world.


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