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How the combination of elements affect you?

Initially, I planned to nominate this article "Where Did My Good Luck Go?". But which sounds very negative, as the information that you are about to learn can go in both directions. However, in the end, I hope that this will help you understand why an apparently lucky period may be unlucky and vice versa.

Once you understand why, you will be able to determine more precisely how is your cycle chance as and on how to take steps to improve it. Then let's begin...

A few weeks ago a friend who learns some basic Astrology came to me. He said under what he learned, his part was to fire and that currently, it passes through a period of fire. The next 5 years was a period of fire for him according to its pillars of chance. This means that its cycle of chance should be good and things should work sweet for him.


It is the opposite. It goes through the obstacle after obstacle. He got into trouble at work because he was stabbed back. At home, he has problems with his wife. This time, it seems to be more quarrel with it.

I asked him for its date and time of birth, so that I could determine what was the problem. He was born in December. It is true that his favourable element is fire and water was unfavourable to him. It is also true to say that it is indeed currently a period of fire.

Therefore, what was the problem?

I discovered soon why. It is true that it passes through a period of fire, but the fire was represented by the serpent. It passes through a snake luck pillar. However, Snake can combine with monkey to form water. Indeed, there were monkey in its 4 pillars, and the water in one of the heavenly stems. When this happens, the snake becomes water rather than fire.

This explains why its chance cycle has decreased. Its favourable element became its negative element. It is a slightly more advanced stage of Chinese astrology, where elements can change. But that the elements of change, a condition must be respected. If this condition is not met, then the items will remain as they are and do not change.

For the case of my friend, if only there was no water in one of its celestial stems, then his luck cycle is very smooth, instead of what is going through now. In the next section, I will list on you who are all of the animals that can combine and form a different element, as well as the necessary condition for the transformation.

With this information in hand, you will be able to have a better understanding of your luck cycle. This is...

Rat (Water) and Ox (Earth) combine to form Earth if Earth is present in the heavenly stems.

Tiger (Wood) and Pig (Water) combine to form wood, if the wood is present in the heavenly stems.

Rabbit (Wood) and Dog (Earth) combine to form the fire, if the fire is present in the heavenly stems.

Dragon (Earth) and Rooster (Metal) combine to form metal, if the metal is present in the heavenly stems.

Snake (Fire) and Monkey (Metal) combine to form water, if water is present in the heavenly stems.

Horse (Fire) and Sheep (Earth) combine to form the fire, if the fire is present in the heavenly stems.

As you can see, this can work for working you as well as against you. It can turn favourable unfavourable elements, as well as the reverse, depending on each individual. Generally, when an element is unfavourable turned favourable, it may mean that you met with a challenge, but ultimately you benefited greatly from it.

I wish you all the best in the improvement of your luck cycle.

Marco Chong is the author of "The 58 Secret key for the home Feng Shui that you need to know".He practices Flying Star Feng Shui and specializes in the House feng shui.Marco has practice feng shui and Chinese Astrology since 1992.

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