Monday, September 12, 2011

Why Pokemon are not fearful

Pokemon is essentially, a game produced by Nintendo, which is popular among men and teenage boys (mostly) throughout the world. For them, is a significant part of the trade 'spinoff ' Pokemon phenomena-Plush Dolls, figures, the number of Pokemon Zuken-historical, but not particularly relevant to the main quest, which is won by becoming Champion. For players of interest and concentration lies in completely different parts of the psyche than in the case of a young fan. Their concentration is on the strategy and technique vis-a-vis interface computer, not on account of the particularities of the same characters.

There is a whole different group of supporters, although who love Pokemon and probably imagine nothing more than Pokemon were actually true, much in the way of the dinosaurs and wished to be true when I was a boy. These are children who go crazy over animation Pokemon and manga, not players. Those children as immersed in mythical fantasy Pokemon world. They are also children who are most likely to go crazy dolls, known as the Pokemon plush dolls (Pokemon black and white is a big seller at the time), Pokemon black and white and almost nothing jewelery Pokemon stamped on it.

Another group of children, again, for the most part of boys, for various reasons, reach end up attracted to Pokemon Cardgame. Their emphasis is on meetings, winning and getting hold of rare cards, such as some of the legendary Pokemon cards, holofoil cards, promotional cards and shiny raikon. Can these children usually School students do not have access to, or are not authorized for gaming consoles, are prohibited from playing computers or (I) are much more inclined with friends in true interaction than solitarily games computer. In any case, the cards are inexpensive and easy play anywhere.

But Back to the title and the popularity of a soft, cuddly toys, Pokemon, this is not surprising that children will attract them mutated monsters with the privileges of the awesome and destructive and taking up stuffed dolls like teddy bears? Pikachu looks cute, but never on the receiving end of this electric charge is worth 10 000 volts. Pokemon are scary, aren't they?

Japan has shown the desired cleverness and expertise in infusing cuteness to its processing by years. It's so good it with Pokemon, that even the most zazarte among them are defused in so far as even three years may be attracted to them. With the more zdradziecko children simply know below Pokemon benevolent-looking Exterior lies a vast hidden hole punch. In short, Nintendo sold Pokemon both ways-and won.

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