Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is it OK to buy a guitar online?

I get this question a lot. And almost always my answer is no. And the first reason is obvious--you don't know how a special guitar sounds or how easy it is to play until you play it. Even the same models that use the same exact materials and are constructed similarly can sound very different. The guitar that you buy online may not be exactly the same as the guitar that you love your local music store, and then again, you may like more than the store model. There is no way to tell unless you play the two.

Buy an electric guitar online is generally more secure and there is a much better chance that when it comes to guitar, is exactly what you expected. It is far more risky to buy a guitar acous-tic online. The biggest reason? The action of Guitars var ­ ies with some that you can play with ease and others that are a continuing struggle. And acoustic guitars are susceptible to changes in the environment, such as heat, cold and humidity and also often are affected by age with the superior and the neck of some acoustic deformation and changing shape. These things can be adjusted, but only slightly. Try to get a full description of guitar that are ordering.

New or used?There are hundreds of websites that have new and used guitars for sale. The difference (and is an important) is new guitars come with a warranty and more instruments not used. If you need to return the guitar, it is much easier to return a new instrument than a used one.

Is a very good idea to make sure that the guitar you are ordering has a case included and will be sent in the case. There are guitars, especially less expensive models, which do not come with a case (many are shipped in a cardboard box strengthened to protect the guitar during transport). You may want to spend a little more of a case. Make sure that is designed for the particular guitar you ordered as it increases the chance that the guitar will arrive safely.

All things considered, if you still want to buy a guitar online, make sure:

• You can return the guitar if you are not satisfied with it.

• You see pictures (as many as possible) exact guitar that you want to buy. If you are ordering a new guitar, this is probably not possible as the factory default post a screenshot of a certain guitar model on your site and in their catalogs.

• The guitar is properly protected for shipment.

If you find the guitar of your dreams online, make sure that you follow the suggestions above and authentic and ready to start making some music.

Dale Schmidt is a guitar teacher in Washington State and author of your private teacher of guitar. For more information:


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