Thursday, September 15, 2011

Madison McKinley: Damages season 4 - Madison Garton

Madison McKinley, reality star, actress and model, is probably best known for her work on ABC "the Bachelor - season 15," where she was a candidate in the spring of 2011. May her first name not realize it, but as a candidate on the popular reality series, she was awarded "Fang Girl", which is, as you can see it. There is no doubt that McKinley was shame on the Bachelor, but she has waves, as above without DIRECTV network "Damage", 27 July 2011 (season 4, episode 3 - I had prefer my old Office). Perhaps it is career step bring their more famous, or perhaps it will be their aspiring to start a career.

Born in Madison McKinley, Madison Garton was the 25-year old blonde bombshell in Vail, Colorado, born, where they grew up and attended the Vail mountain. Her modeling career began in high school, when she tried out for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar. Although they make it not right, it was by a top modeling agency and moved to New York City, where she her career modeling and acting began.

McKinley loans begin quite back in 2007, when she appeared on NBC's "30 Rock". Her breakout year was in 2009, if she had a policy of setting to "Kings", "Michael and Michael have issues", and the popular "rescue me", although the producers of "The Bachelor" not actresses as a participant, they saw that she had the it factor and brought them, showing where she made it clear waves.

McKinley seems to have a "thing" for vampires, and when she moved to New York, she had installed temporary vampire Fang implants. Although they take you on their previous television and modeling she has appearances on "Bachelor". Brad Womack, the Bachelor was beaten by her appearance and personality, and actually found the teeth "hot." This has of course play the dismay of the other participants, who clearly thought it was a strange little girl. And so, McKinley notoriety grew - "girl catch" has clearly negative connotations.

Fast forward until 27 July 2011, when McKinley, appeared as a model with DIRECTV "Damage" with Glenn Close. For the first time in her acting and modeling career undressed her breasts for the whole world to see them. The blogosphere went nuts - was it fame and recognition only a publicity stunt?

We look at the "controversial" look. At first she was not in a sex scene, nor they showed full frontal nudity. The scene itself was not free. She slept in bed, with the ruffled which fully for it includes. It was harmless and real. Of course it was a naked man and a woman in bed, but this was germane to the plot. So, the great thing about go what is Madison McKinley above without "Compensation?"

McKinley Village Center is a one time thing. It was not free, nor was it a shocking sex scene. It was not full frontal, nor was it "full back", was what an other actress in this episode. So, it was a publicity stunt by Fang-girl, or was it a natural progression in her career, and one that would do actress on "Damage"? You can decide for themselves. How you choose, keep in mind that they do not either at her appearance in the new film of the Smurfs topless.


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