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Legendary Crooners Frank Sinatra singing My Way-the voice of Ol Blue Eyes

The heart throb of many a teenage bobby-soxer in 1940, Frances Albert Sinatra's career spanned over seven decades.

"Ol Blue Eyes", or "The Voice", as was usual: Sinatra, took the torch from Idol Bing Crosby and continued the craze of crooning until the end of his career at the end of 90 years.

Sinatra began his career singing in his hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey with a local band called the three Flashes in 1935. Since "Frankie" joined the group, they were renamed Hoboken four. In 1939, Sinatra joined with the Harry James band where he recorded and released their first commercial disc, from the bottom of my heart.

In November 1939, a major milestone happened to the young crooner. Sinatra was invited by Tommy Dorsey, own to enter his band. This would expose Sinatra for a wide audience and help you shoot to stardom. Relationship Dorsey and Sinatra was somewhat volatile due to contract negotiations that right Dorsey a third of the royalties of entertainment of Sinatra, for life. Sinatra was later let off of this agreement.

Sinatra launched his solo career after leaving the Dorsey band at the end of 1942. During his time with Dorsey, Frank has released more than forty songs, one of which, I'll Never Smile Again, claimed first place in the charts for twelve weeks.

Exuding an eroticism that gave this bad-boy image "sexy" seemed to be exactly what the ladies were looking for at the moment. Rumor has it. OL Blue Eyes could do a poor young girl just kiss her on the cheek.

Melodic songs, dripping with romance, accompanied by Sinatra piercing blue eyes and rebellious attitude, gave this sex appeal still unrivalled with a younger female audience. The songs lyrically seductive as all the way, Embraceable You, Fools Rush In, autumn leaves and near you, sent girls in frenzy comparable to what would be seen nearly two decades later, with a pelvic thrusting Elvis Presley.

With his career in full swing by the end of 40 years, Frankie was constantly controversial figure in the public eye. Rumored to be related to the mafia, Sinatra was believed by many to be part of some obscure relationships. Under investigation by the FBI for many years, no conclusive evidence was never disclosed that he would prove he participated in "underworld" Affairs.

He was politically stove-nozzle with Presidents, Vice-Presidents, as well as mobsters known as the Chicago mafia, Sam Giancana, and the public. A Democrat convinced of his youth, he switched teams after supposedly policies be avoided by longtime friend, John f. Kennedy. He was a frequent guest at the White House during several administrations, including those of Roosevelt (FDR), Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan.

Sinatra was very frank about his disdain for rock and roll music. He thought that was a passing trend and a deplorable style of music. Later, he recorded songs for many of the great rock and roll as Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Predominantly was influenced by jazz and his songs remained faithful to the crooner style throughout his career.

Sinatra was said to suffer frequent bouts of depression and today may very well have been diagnosed as bipolar. He discussed openly great part of its efforts in this area in a 1950 interview. His personal life was made very public with the means of increasing diffusion and overactive appetites of the American public by Hollywood scandals.

With his career in decline at the beginning of the 50 years he re-emerged as a movie star and won the Oscar for her role as supporting actor in From Here to Eternity in 1954. After signing with Capitol Records, Sinatra released albums hits as come fly with me and In the Wee Small Hours. He left the Capital Records and formed his own label, Reprise Records, where he had great success with hits as well known as strangers in the night and My Way.

OL Blue Eyes saw his popularity declining in the late 60 's and early seventies and announced his retirement from the entertainment business in 1971. That was short-lived and he was back in the mix in 1973. He spent his last years on tour and appearing in television specials. He reached the Top 40 again in 1980 with New York, New York.

Sinatra was a founding member of the famous "Rat Pack" and made several films with fellow rat-packers, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. This group of musicians starred in the original version of the film "oceans Eleven".

Frank Sinatra was marked the first true pop superstar and his music continues to be an American standard today. A resurgence of its easy technique "crooner" is seen in talent like Michael Bublé and Michael Feinstein. After the death of Sinatra in May 1998, his fourth wife Barbara Marx and his three sons with his first wife, Nancy Barbato, survived him.

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