Saturday, September 10, 2011

The best films 2010-animation

In 2009, we had a lot of cheer for the align animated movies. You should consider creating a sparkling and assured success as Up Cloudy with A Chance Of meatballs, nine et al. Were perfect getaways with agonies and troubles, with their spectacular animation, characters, and most importantly, great plots.

Last year was defined by slew szalasnictwie 3D, but C'mon, an additional dimension to work miracles in animated films. Ordinary heroes of Pixar and DreamWorks expanded offer certainty and successful vibration, while due to activities with the technology, star power and smart writing. And the creators of Happy Feet daring comeback too, despite the odds being selected Director and rather assumption school. Let's check out the movies cartoon 2010, which would have made Chuck Jones and Walt Disney proud.

Toy Story 3-undoubtedly, the best film animation, which hit theatres last year. Maybe I'm the irrational love for what Pixar tour. However, you cannot blame me guys. The whole package is at full load, beautifully crafted animation, great characters and the nature of the script, which should be in the race for Oscar.

Woody, Buzz and our favorite toy the boy back to their lovable pet friendship and comradeship. And the other toys are so well with the dim witted Rex for Mr. potato. However, you will marvel at how detailed is the animation. The Film perfectly blends the data small playroom for regular, unreadable full jumps, jives toys which drastically become living human beings and the like.

How to Train Your Dragon-another successful experiment with the use of 3D technology does not break new ground. His simplicity and his innocence by Christian hot heart, however, bound to take your breath away, formerly dragons flame-throwing.

Creator of Kung Fu Panda are fashioned with equal beauty and imagination, the story of automatic channel Viking boy, determined to train and ride on Dragon. While it is magnificent, history also sparkles with simple vignettes simple desires and aspirations to watch how our little hero tries to impress the girl with the Dragon and his bravado.

Legend Of The Guardians-possibly the darkest flick anime last year, the scariest movie since ' nine '. However, even in the event of his worrying cruelty, movie Zack Snyder is a more thrilling than 300 damnably slow.

From the album flight of the sweeping majestic, fierce battles in the sky, every little nuance of Aeolian major breathtaking flair and energy. Remarkably, in the direction Snyder is much more charakterach and an undertaking; Thank heaven, which we see action in slow motion.

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