Friday, September 9, 2011

What is guitar Purfling?

I've been looking to design a custom acoustic guitar, which is a difficult task even from the point of view of research. There are so many options in terms of wood, shape, body size, hardware, etc. So I'm finding that it is good to do a lot of learning before ordering anything, so I'm clear about what are the options and what they tend to increase the cost. One thing that confused me as I began to research was an option of guitars called "purfling". I felt that it related to the connection, which is the trim around the edges of the guitar, but I wasn't sure exactly what it was and is not a lot of good information on the web about the subject. Then some information here is for anyone wondering what purfling is and why it is important to the construction of a custom acoustic guitars.

Guitar binding Vs Guitar Purfling

The concept of "trim" is often used to generally refer to the line of the material that goes around the body of the guitar, occupying the space between the flat top of wood used for the body and curved wood used on both sides of the guitar. "Connection" is a material that is located in the outer corner of the instrument, and it is used to seal the edges of the wood together between the parts of the body of the guitar. If a guitar had no connection, the guitar would be easily prone to cracking and splitting at this location.

Purfling is a supplement around the body of the guitar, but this is located between the Association and the hand, back, or top of the guitar. So you can be a link between the top of the guitar and the side, and you can have a line of purfling on both sides, as a thin line or a pattern. The luthier sculpts a channel in the wood and sets the purfling for him, so that it is flush with the surface of the guitar.

Usually Purfling is purely decorative, and provides an opportunity to give the guitar some visual style and elegance, choosing an interesting color or a pattern with a recurring motif. Strips of purfling can also be used around the rose window, or the area surrounding the hole guitar sound below the strings, creating a ring structure around this part of the instrument.

Purfling options

While the links are made of wood, plastic or fiber and has a purpose essentially structural, purfling has many more options as your main reason for existing is to add style elements unique to guitar. A simple purfling can be made of maple to create a line of white or light color, or it can be dyed black for a look at contrasting against a coloured plastic binding. A qualified luthier must be able to offer many color, thickness and detail options to the purfling, as this element contributes significantly to the overall beauty of the guitar.

You can also find purflings called purflings marquetry, which are made of materials designed to form a pattern as a standard of "spine", or a dashed line more simple. Purfling can also be made of mother of Pearl or abalone to create an elegant and regal appearance.

In the midst of all the many options for your custom guitar purfling, offers an opportunity to be creative and really make a guitar stand. Take some time to speak with a luthier and understand the many options available for this and other aspects of your custom acoustic guitars.

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