Wednesday, September 14, 2011

There is too much face time in comic book movies?

Recently, I have on a post, when it too much face-time for high-profile actors in comic book movies. This is not a new concept, an ever-growing it definitely. Start the latest and greatest comic movies now that change integrity of their characters and storylines damage by classical costumes or caused some face recognition Impracticalities to the storylines, only to the players? Is it the value?

When Warner of Bros. recently our first official look on Catwoman of the Dark Knight rises presented, were fans shocked to see that not Catwoman of classic hood wear Anne Hathaway modeling, and instead a minimalist mask. Storyline way, perhaps bears a crest with cat ears would be impractical for battles, but that is the reason for the dramatic costume change, or is only in this way, that Anne Hathway receives a good deal of face-time as Selina Kyle. While it is too early to say, this only the Selina's suit, pre-Catwoman, but so far it is similar to too much of Marvel black widow not enough classic Catwoman.

I have mentioned the clichéd Spiderman movies and how Spidey manages, his mask in the final of any of his films to lose. Wear the pantyhose will, which is now to change Andrew Garfield? I doubt very it fame rising in the light of Garfield. While I'm happy to see, I certainly do not want more scenes with Peter Parker's life to see the lizard, the Spideys mask of ribs, each time they meet. It plagued the last Spidey movies, so Marc Webb would be wise to avoid using it.

Another interesting thing is that presents the latest leaked excerpts from the Group of the Avengers, Captain America (Chris Evans) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) fighting together, both without masks and helmets. While this sound like assuming, but these are two of the Marvel legendary heroes, and their classic costumes are a big part of their characters. So why the CAP to face against aliens (spoiler warning) with futuristic weapons, providing unmasks the need, could shoot the Srulls/Kree/foreigners only CAP and Thor in the head? I see no need to change just the classical costumes, only high-profile actor enough exposure in the film. It a film cliché is overused, become disturbing comic book.

Someone agrees with me? Find faces the General change of the traditional costumes as a way, the actors and actresses to be annoying to show?


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