Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mountain Jam and arm chair review

Firstly I would like to thank all the friends at Mountain Jam to let us who couldn't be there for one reason or another, the ability to experience the Mountain Jam the comfort of our own homes via the web. The transmission quality was excellent! Hunter Mountain is mountain between the Catskill Mountains of rolling green in New York. Rolling Stone magazine named Mountain Jam one of the top festivals in the country and this year 8, day 7, did not disappoint.

The festival includes the two main stages, stage of East and West, which are positioned next to one another, so that the music turns without stopping, without any since. Are also presented on a stage inside and the village of consciousness. The consciousness village features a phase of acoustic music, children's entertainment area with music and fun interactive, a beer and wine Garden, nonprofit exhibitor tables as well as performance art and sculpture.

The festival actually started Thursday evening, however, this review we will concentrate on Saturday and Sunday.

12:30 East Stage-Ryan Montblaeau proved to be an act of great early start at 12:30. Ryan, a native of Massachusetts and his band brought some fresh acoustic funk.

01:15 West stage-Zach Deputy, self-described show "island infused Drum 'n Bass Ninja Gospel Soul" left without guessing a. It is the band of a man of good time. Sitting behind a group of microphones with his black framed glasses, beard, full, baseball cap and t-shirt style of truck drivers that Brown he infused the crowd with some energy early afternoon. Zach pulled a funky Magic Carpet Ride into James Browns Sex Machine in Parliament Funkadelic (booting the roof/we want the Funk) that would make George Clinton proud. The crowd responded with shouts of "more music". The first encore at 14:00-the beginning of a great day.

02:15 East stage-Mavis Staples and his band of straight 3 pieces (drums, bass) plus three background singers opened with some band beautiful Gospel, all dressed in black, the band soon went into The Weight-anyone can do the weight as she can more? After giving tribute to The band she entered in their latest release, produced by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. Soon after, we heard the road of freedom. Mavis and her band looked and sounded great. I'll take it there was exceptional with excellent crowd-participation still as good 40 years later.

West 03:30-phase, Portugal the man, a piece of high energy (keyboard and bass guitar battery 2) Oregon and Alaska, he kicked up a notch with some psychedelic high energy rock and roll. I found the highest energy that psychedelic and found them to be fun to listen to and easy to follow for not knowing any of its songs.

04:30 East Stage-The Brothers Brothers left to enthusiastic applause and gave it all back with a high energy Tin man. Paul Difliglia (sp) stood on bass and added a drummer for some songs. Soon they were in disgrace, and it spread, paranoia, January, wedding, a Capella Duet on "up the River to pray." and a Headful fascination of doubt. Heart like a kick drum, go to sleep and I and love and you ended the set leaving the audience to sing the last line-I and love and you. The crowd demanded an encore of the brothers Brothers respondents; "Perhaps one or two more in us ". The encore began with a sit-in by Simon Felice brothers Felice on Dylan's "Just Like A Woman". The Avett Property Saturday-until the Mule came out.

05:45 West-North Mississippi Allstars Duo phase. There is only Chew, Cody and Luther have been opening band of joy Robert Plant. The Dickinson brothers were right into shake on 'em low, poor black skinny women and Maddie. Both sound great, Luther had his cigar box slide and Cody also had his guitar and washboard. Dickinson brothers also played Shake What Your Mama gave you, jelly Rollin over the sky, goin' Down South and mean ol' wind died down. Great mix of old and new.

06:45 East Stage-Michael Franti and spearhead. Brother of George Carlin introduced the band and everyone was immediately jumping together singing "everyone deserves music Sweet Music" and that is how the set was a high energy Open exchanges between band and audience.

East phase 09:00-Mule from the Government. Absolutely amazing! This may be the only time I will be playing as mula this summer and did count.Highlights include the who's "won't Get Fooled Again" and "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath. The second set began with money and have a cigar by Pink Floyd. Hook Carrera, Cody and Luther Dickinson and Ron Holloway joined the rest of the band for a long representation of 32-20 Blues, John Lennon, Working Class Hero who do you love, Whole Lotta Love, Norwegian Wood Jam and thanks Fa Lettin ' Me be Mice Elf ... again. WOW!


12:00 Stage West-Wiyos, a piece 5 with hats big big harmonies, pleasant Hawaiian, harmonics, stand up bass and harmonica-we must go.

12:45 East stage-Civil Twilight, a trio from South Africa is good trio that shows a strong influence of U2.

01:30 West stage-Dawes comes out clean and accessible as your CD. Large instrumentation and clean. These guys are only going to get better and better.

02:30 East Stage-who wants to make a song now? Bohemia 9 piece Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros began with a fantastic "new song" with the vocals of Jade with harmonies by the rest of the band. They always seemed a bit disorganized, but the band offers fantastic fine harmonies and contributions of all nine members. Is it just me or are just very pleased. Dig the hand-painted vertical piano!

04:00 Band West phase preservation Jazz Hall-missed-my apologies. VI different incarnations of the preservation Hall Jazz Band and I have love them all. They provided a great mix musical afternoon.

05:15 East stage-Grace Potter, in a super short dress and jump super high with his band 5 whipped the crowd up quick frenzy. The highlight of the set was Warren Haynes sitting a song. My favorite was the gal in hand signature (no, not sing-subscription-for deaf) and dance for the crowd.

07:30 East stage-My Morning Jacket, closing the show as only they can.

Beautiful weekend.


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