Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to DJ properly-tips on relax before a show

Learning how to DJ properly is about a lot of things. That is why these DJ tips can help you learn about the game shows and help you get the balance right before a set.

Mastering their art, learn how to mix as a club DJ, knowing his music from the inside out and the desire to spread the love are just some of the qualities and skills you need.

But even when you have prepared perfectly well, when you feel relaxed with your music and you feel his art became an extension of your body, things can still go wrong.

DJ intuition plays an important role in this. It is difficult to find many information explaining how to develop better intuition and making people dance. DJs more good nor know why they are good at Selecting the songs right. They feel instinctively what people want to dance.

They think as DJs, every day, every day. How you can develop this kind of intuition? Part of knowing how DJ is also about being in a certain State of mind. In fact, many DJs pro I would even say that this is more important than anything else.

How is it that you can sometimes "not be feeling it"? We have all been there, nights in that it seems almost impossible to do any dancing. Nights where people just yet do not react to the music you played before that would typically people dance on top of tables.

Good DJs also had nights where everything seemed to go perfectly; When they blended well, your selection of tune was bang on and people smiled at them and embraced them.

On the other hand, they also had nights where people were miserable, Moody and seemed like nothing that was played.

Get ready for a whole

Now, relax, I'm not bringing this old cliche that you read absolutely everywhere when learning to play the shows. I'm not going to tell you the practice up to their ears and hands are gross. We all know that practice makes perfect. Or does it?

What I'll tell you should carry you spend less time preparing her and still DJing as a professional in the night.

1. non-vaccinating as much on the day of your show

Stupid as it sounds, you should plan to avoid practicing so much on the day of your important gig. Want to give enough time to avoid cramming any desperate practice 2:0 mix before leaving for the Club.

His performance comes from somewhere deeper than what you have learned only that day is the icing on the cake of his years of hard work, thinking like a DJ, imagining playing a set, collection of music and see how people react in clubs.

You can't learn this kind of intuitive ability by cramming a tutorial "studying the course" hardcore on the same day. Verify through your new songs and by all means, have another listen, but do so relaxed. Not be hear them when you're in a hurry or stressed.

You learn while you sleep

Your brain is programmed so that you know and absorb information while you sleep. You never awoke in the middle of the night with a solution to a problem? Never get so involved in what you do that you dream with her all night and gather all the information?

The same applies to DJing. Most DJs dream with his work, whether they are professionals or amateurs. This means that you're absorbing what you learned in a deeper level. Leave any preparation until the last day will not only put it out, but it means the set, while it may have its moments, may very well be thin on substance.

Chill out on the day of the whole. You will need to be on the same wavelength, as clubbers and party animals. Their preparation should be made days before hardcore.

2. Deep just hours before a breathing set

You can get some nerves and tension in the hours leading up to a whole day. make sure that you see yourself as performing well, relaxed and being positive that you will play a great set tonight. Take 20 minutes on your own, with eyes closed in a room where no one can disturb you.

Empty your mind

Empty your mind of thoughts and concentrate on your breathing. This is very difficult at first, but also very beneficial. Breathe slowly and deeply. This technique will release you from obsessive thinking that can become a problem for some of us. Thinking very hard and over-analysing situations only causes more tension. Calm your mind and you'll develop better intuition and conscience. Try and see how to do.

3. laughing and making jokes before a set

Telling you to laugh around before a set can sound strange at first. But compare that to you get to a venue all uptight and repressed-which one would you rather doing?

I've got a very local tense before. I ended up playing only songs that I had thought previously only. I could not deviate from my selection because I was afraid of. Don't let this happen! Looking back, should I have played different songs that night, and it took me about 40 minutes to relax and begin to be myself.

When you play, talk with bar staff, prosecutors, anyone at all before and during the whole. Release the pressure on yourself, try to do some silly jokes, laugh a little. You'll be a better state of mind.

Many more other DJ tips, opinions, advice, and a free guide to get DJ gigs lies in learning how to DJ.


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