Tuesday, September 13, 2011

True Disney Story

From the time that he was born in 1901, until he died in 1966, Walt Disney, he lived in a world of fantasy. The rest of the world was lucky to be able to share Disney's fantasy, who still lives today.

Walt Disney got his start in school. Was a cartoonist for a high school. In 1919 he moved to Kansas City set having continued his career. Got a temporary job in company advertising and met the man who would become a very close friend and partner in ventures later, Ubbe Iwerks.

Disney and Iwerks went on to create their own studio, Iwerks-Disney artists. Although it doesn't take a long time, it was Walt's first experience in creating his own company. While temporary work in another company learned about the Cutout animation and decided to be an animator. This was the beginning of what would go on to become huge media conglomerate the Walt Disney Company.

Disney's first venture into the production of animation cel was called Laugh-O-grams. They were presented in small local cinema. They went to become popular. Laugh-O-gram studio was extremely popular and employed many other Disney animators to work with him. You can also manage the money, go for a discharge.

After Laugh-O-grams, the closed Walt Disney, together with his brother Roy o. Disney, went West Hollywood seek their Fortunes.

Once in Hollywood, Disney brothers began studying new and began producing new shorts. They were Alice in Wonderland series. They were live action/animated shorts set. These films inspired the Disney Brothers Studio. In 1925 it was that gave animator named Lillian bounds, which was his wife.

It was also during this time, created by Walt that his first animated character who was a popular character, Oswald the lucky rabbit. In "28 Disney went to Universal, which owns rights and disseminated shows to ask for higher fees. Rejected and had Oswald away from him.

While it was a personal disaster, leading to its bankruptcy again the company was turning a good thing. The loss pushed him to the creation of Mickey Mouse. Walt Voiced Mickey himself to 1947. It was a few silent shorts Mickey before Steamboat Willie deepened. It was groundbreaking, as Mickey actually had a sound. That caused Disney start using sound in his cartoons and pushed Mickey's popularity to increase.

After several other shorts, Disney decided to create a feature-length animated film, his first Oscar, snow white and the seven dwarfs. Everyone believed that he was crazy, but held the oscillation of the successful.

Taking profits from Snow White, Disney began a new complex of Studios for their business. Walt Disney Studios, where the company is headquartered. Disney Studios made several feature length films as well as more shorts. They slowed down during WWII as the animators have worked with propaganda films. Indeed it was during this time, Walt came up the idea of its theme parks. Wanted something that would play his animators of children. He had even a parcel of land for the Park in front of the studios.

After the war, Disney Studios branched in the film, live-action as treasure island, and 20 000 podmorskiej navigation. But were also a few animated films made during this time, including Bambi.

Disney also works with other well-known businesses to create a show that would end up being one of the longest-running primetime television series, originally called the Disneyland and eventually the Wonderful World of Disney. This was the beginning of the Disney's media empire. Buena Vista also began at that time to distribute their own films. It was also during this time that The Club Mickey Mouse was also started.

Using television in 1954 Walt revealed his idea for the Park Disneyland in Anaheim, California. In 1965, an announcement was made for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Walt died in December 1966, before he can see the Opening of the Park. In 1967, the last two films, which had the shape of the hand were issued.

Roy o. Disney took over and led the company until his death in 1971. Since the early 1970s through the Centre of the ' 80s Disney's films are not as successful as they were in the past. However, to continue, creating movies and having a television. Here also The Disney Channel on cable and releasing movies on videos. The main objective of Disney at that time was the Walt Disney World. EPCOT Center added to the Park.

In 1984, Micheal Eisner took over the CEO of the Walt Disney Company and began to exploit it to the media giant, which is today. New movies like little Mermaid reversed their Fortunes as well as new animated television.

The origins of more parks to the Disney of the period of validity up Disneyland Paris and Disney's California Adventure Park. They continued, creating films as the Lion King and beauty and the beast, which Disney's first venture in computer animation.

The 1990s and 2000s Disney also took to a distribution agreement with independent animation studio called Pixar that started with the purchase in 2006. Disney also purchased ABC. With the purchase of Pixar, Disney has started, so that the drawing page to their movies again, starting from the Princess and the frog.

At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, Disney made the media worldwide. Have their own radio station, band, animation studios, companies and cable movie channels. They also own ABC. Disney also has a huge portion of the Park's entertainment and leisure activities of 7 parks or resorts around the world and their own cruise line.

The dream of one man, who relaxed mouse named Mickey to major media and entertainment giant Walt Disney Company has created the fantasies for young and old all over the world.

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