Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pokemon questions and possible answers

Pokemon thread, in case I didn't know, is really the story at all. Whether you are pardoned for thinking, which was, with all those Pokemon on sale now. My son at the moment is absolutely mad at anything Pokemon Black and white, including Pokémon Plushies (these are toy stuffed Pokemon) and especially Pokemon black and white game cards, Holofoil are particularly valuable. He wants to eventually play Nintendo DS Pokemon black and white (I think he dreams about it what? ll just have to keep dreaming, because it does not get at the moment).

All of the Pokemon characters and descriptions of goods, whether or not to think about it, it was a great story behind it all Pokemon. Actually does not exist. Every spinoff processing can be seen from the Pokemon is plushie or feature full Pokemon movie comes from the ideas and concepts that are developed by Nintendo the game. Pokemon was never a thread-in other words, it was and remains the idea of the game.

If you're like me, which zaczepia because I see characters Pokemon rich possibilities for full Eroica charm and Romance article, great adventure. Is a little like Harry Potter, a little bit like Star Trek and many such as the taming Dragon. The biggest thing that bothers me about Pokemon is their mysterious origin. You are simply here and has always been here. It seems like something happened-the lack of DNA, for example, but it is not explained. There are no animals on a regular basis in the world Pokemon or Pokemon, but what seems to be a regular animal DNA. People are regular-why can't they mutated too? Pokeball is useful gadget trapping of wild Pokemon with, but never explained how it works. There are scientists and laboratories worldwide, but Pokemon Pokeball is only really a significant part of the technology that actually we see.

Pokemon live in zones and species of Pokemon are limited to specific zones-that do not exist in other areas, in other words. There are cities in the world of Pokemon, but society and technology is minimal described. First and foremost, there is not overreaching goal in Pokemon. To master Pokemon applies only to fills, as mentioned in the Pokemon.

All of these shortcomings of the narrative can be explained by the fact that all of the easily spinoffs are limited to Pokemon game. Regardless of the game appears in the film, but nothing revolutionary appears in the film, which is not in the game. This is because the fans will look to see in the game regardless of the see in the film-which probably will not be easy to do. Everything depends on the game. In the computer game goal and tool to achieve this objective are usually simple and clear (even if hidden). There is a need to clarify and players are impatient with long narratives. Like scenarios. And which stores the Pokemon in the frozen moment.

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